Since the second half of this year, HEMA moves frequently. Following the large-scale reproduction of HEMA mini and box pony, HEMA has hatched a “new species” – HEMA x club. HEMA defines it as “online and offline integrated membership new retail format”. Like the birthplace of HEMA’s existing innovative formats, the first HEMA x member store is located in Shanghai, covering an area of 18000 square meters. It adopts warehouse type shelves, covering more than 20 kilometers around the store, and can realize online distribution “half day delivery”. Houyi, President of HEMA, once mentioned in wechat circle of friends that HEMA x member store is the first project of Costco and Sam in China. Although HEMA x member store is still a newborn compared with the latter two big brothers, the time for the same competition is coming. On October 1, the first HEMA x member store will be officially opened. Now, it is waiting for users to arrive, and it is also looking forward to competing with international giants. < p > < p > it can be seen from the goods on the shelves and in store signs that the products of hemax member store cover aquatic products, meat, wine, leisure food, flowers, daily necessities, etc. According to the introduction of HEMA, the first X member store focuses on “eating” and relies on the supply chain resources of 84 countries. At present, there are about 1500 SKUs in the store, with over 40% of self owned goods and nearly 10% of direct purchased goods. Taking Yiyun, one of HEMA’s imported direct water producers, as an example, HEMA connects with the source of the brand supply chain, and through the supply chain network managed by HEMA, it can directly pass customs from foreign factories to the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, and can quickly clear customs and enter stores. It eliminates the links of intermediate wholesalers, traders and importers. The logistics cost and procurement cost can be reduced by 15% and 20% respectively to ensure the low price. < / P > < p > in addition, the private brand “HEMA Max” is more prominent, which not only involves the global direct products such as pistachio from the United States and Peru blueberries, but also includes local flavor products such as Chongming rice, fresh meat and bamboo shoots. Zhao Jiayu, general manager of HEMA commodity purchasing and marketing, believes that in addition to purchasing, it can also be used to promote research and development according to consumer demand. “We have been talking about commodity power and buyer system. The core is nothing more than finding the best goods for consumers and establishing purchasing standards for some industries without standards.” < / P > < p > different from other players on the track, HEMA x club has introduced fresh food. “We know more about the stomach of Chinese people, so the products of X club have localization attribute.” Zhao Jiayu said. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that HEMA x member stores use two delivery modes: direct delivery to home by car and connection to distribution station. Yang Yifei, the project leader of HEMA logistics planning project, demonstrated on site the special distribution box, which contained ice plates used for insulation of refrigerated and frozen goods, which were delivered by refrigerated trucks; while for connection, the goods were delivered to the stores by refrigerated trucks, and the secondary distribution was completed by the distributors in the stores. < / P > < p > from site selection to completion, the first HEMA x member store took only four months. However, as early as 2018, “HEMA x member” program has begun to test water in Shanghai, and will be promoted to Beijing, Xi’an, Chengdu and other places in 2019. According to HEMA, the number of X members in Shanghai is close to 500000 – they are high-frequency repurchase users who spend about nine times a month. When talking about the role of X member store in HEMA system, Zhao Jiayu said in an interview with sina science and technology that both X member store and HEMA fresh store are rich in business forms, but they use a unified supply chain system, which is “one inventory”. “The biggest difference between us and Costco and Sam is that although Sam and Wal mart are a group company, they are two inventories and belong to two operating systems.” < p > < p > another point is the difference in user ecology, which Zhao Jiayu describes as “integration”. In her opinion, from the perspective of HEMA, whether it is online or offline channels, or member channels and community channels, from the perspective of HEMA, the operation is actually the same group of users, but the life scene and time period scene of the service have changed. < p > < p > Hou Yi once said that new retail 2.0 will be an integrated supply chain system as the core, supporting online and offline Omni channel operation and sales. In the era of new retail 2.0, users’ needs can be met anytime, anywhere. Zhao Jiayu also believes that HEMA is touching the offline multi scene and online multi port through various business formats, and its essence is insight into consumer behavior. The collation and analysis of these consumption insights will help push back the implementation of c2m products. < p > < p > Cui Lili, executive director of the E-commerce Research Institute of Shanghai University of Finance and economics, told sina science and technology that HEMA x member stores can open up cross-border product sales based on existing data and supply chain capabilities. What’s more, she also values that HEMA can use the existing big data to explore more new consumer products, screen out new consumer segments, and further enrich the shopping scene. The core competitiveness of warehouse type member store is commodity, but it is not only commodity. However, Zhao Jiayu revealed that the current HEMA x member stores do not consider the issue of profit, and the most concerned is the creation of paid membership interests. She told Sina technology that there is still more room for expansion of membership rights. < / P > < p > one of them is cost performance. Zhao Jiayu stressed that it is necessary to ensure that the most favorable price strategy is launched for members in the whole channel. However, it is also important to lead the consumption and life attitude, which is also reflected in the support for the development of emerging commodities. She pointed out that detergent and dishwashing liquid are not top products in many traditional stores, but they may be used as cost-effective brand lines to expand, refine operation and encourage users to improve their lives. In other words, how to create consumption upgrading is regarded as a very important point. < / P > < p > compared with Costco and Sam, one of the advantages of HEMA X’s membership store is its understanding of users and its localization. However, if it wants to take part in the battle, HEMA must be prepared for a long-term war. After all, the membership store needs brand loyalty and identity, not just as a platform, regardless of the user’s loyalty to the brand or product ability Continuous improvement takes time. Hou Yi hopes that in the face-to-face confrontation with Costco and Sam, he can quickly and efficiently improve HEMA’s own ability. In his eyes, HEMA’s goal is to become a world-class enterprise rooted in Shanghai and constantly broaden the boundaries and imagination of China’s new retail. “For this goal, we have not hesitated, we have been working hard.” IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4