On September 16, Google education, together with brainco brain technology and Somos, announced the strategic cooperation in Brazil, and launched a set of educational technology products based on brain computer interface technology to promote classroom teaching. According to reports, the product is provided by brainco technology, a non-invasive BCI solution provider. Combined with the course content jointly prepared by Somos and brainco brain technology, the product is used on Google chromebook laptop, which is the first application product based on BCI technology on Google education platform. According to John M. vamvakitis, global vice president of Google education, this highly integrated program of behavior, technology and data can help them better understand students and promote learning efficiency. He will keep a long-term interest in this project and believe that it will have a profound impact on the education industry. He will support the project to the maximum extent and coordinate the necessary support from the team to help the project achieve its ambitious goals. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure