Want to be the top 3 in the industry? There is not much time left for the polar hare. “Our one single delivery fee is about 7, 80 cents, which is high in the industry at present.” At the time when the delivery fee of Tongda express was dropping repeatedly, which led to the strike of couriers, the couriers of Jitu Express were taking two or three times of the delivery fee of Tongda express. Li Zhixiang, a courier of the extreme rabbit express, said that he was also an express employee of Tongda department. He only changed his job to polar rabbit express in May this year. < / P > < p > the new express players who have not been well known by consumers have been blocked by the access system. In fact, although the consumer end of the rabbit express is not much understanding, but the layout of the domestic market is very frequent this year. At the end of 2019, the company will enter the domestic market with a low profile, and will start to launch the network in batches in March 2020, and the daily single volume will be stable at more than 10 million as of September. < / P > < p > since it was established in Indonesia in 2015, it has been on a good journey. Within two years, it has become the second largest market in Southeast Asia, covering more than 550 million people in seven Southeast Asian countries. This population is obviously not on the same level as China. Therefore, for GEE rabbit, if it wants to continue its development, it also needs an increasingly developed domestic e-commerce market. < / P > < p > rabbit express not only has a clear plan to lay out the domestic market, but also Li Jie, the founder of the company, has expressed his confidence through an open letter to the Chinese agent. “If one day, we enter the top 3 industry in China, you and my name will also appear on the road of J & T brand development. How proud and proud < / P > < p > the delivery fee of 7 and 80 cents is put in the express market in 2018 or 2019, which may be the average price in the industry. However, in 2020, when the price war of express delivery starts, the delivery fee of polar rabbit express is far higher than that of Tongda system. Li Zhixiang lieyun.com revealed, “I now send about 200 orders a day on average, and I get about 150 yuan.” At the same time, Li Zhi said that in the chat with the polar rabbit couriers in other regions, some areas can reach more than 1 yuan. “I was shocked when I first heard that. After all, I haven’t seen such a high pie fee for a long time.” < p > < p > Li Zhi’s workload and delivery fee are in sharp contrast to Zhang Kun, a Tongda employee interviewed by lieyun.com some time ago. Although there is no shortage of delivery personnel in this industry, the higher delivery fee will still stimulate the working enthusiasm of express delivery personnel. Li Zhi, who has worked for half a year, learned that some former colleagues are considering transferring from Tongda department to Shunfeng, Jingdong or Jitu express. < / P > < p > in order to further understand the working status of the courier, the reporter issued an order in the polar rabbit express program for three consecutive days. The average pick-up time is less than an hour, and the three couriers are in a hurry to go to the next collection point. < / P > < p > for express delivery industry, the delivery personnel, order volume and logistics network are the three pillars. As a new player in the industry, rabbit express in the rapid expansion stage inevitably needs a large number of delivery staff to maintain the normal operation of the network. In Baidu Post Bar, boss direct employment, 58 in the city and other software, you can see a large number of recruitment information. < / P > < p > there is competition when there is recruitment. For the polar rabbit express which is in the expansion stage, in order to enhance its competitiveness, it seems to be a very feasible way to recruit high-cost couriers. < p > < p > after entering the domestic market, the basic order quantity was guaranteed by pinduoduo and Suning at the b-end level. In April, polar rabbit express said it had access to 11 home appliance business platforms such as pinduoduo, Dangdang, Suning and youzan. Among them, it is worth noting that according to public information, pinduoduo will issue 19.7 billion packages in 2019, with an average daily volume of more than 50 million. < / P > < p > with the b-end level of traffic, the order volume of polar rabbit express is increasing day by day. According to public information, the daily unit volume of polar rabbit exceeded one million within two months and five million in four months. Although the express industry relies heavily on e-commerce, it is far from enough to embrace pinduoduo, which is in urgent need of development. Guo Zhigang, a delivery agent of Yunda express, disclosed to lieyun.com that the unit price of Jitu express is 2-3 yuan cheaper than that of other provinces, while that of intra city express is sometimes as low as 5 yuan. If it is a big customer or a large piece of goods, the price can be further discussed. This price does have some impact on the access system. < / P > < p > the reporter found that the unit price of the express delivery system was 2 yuan lower than that of the ultra rabbit express. According to Baidu Post Bar, the price of Chongqing rabbit express in May remained within 3kg within the province, 6 yuan outside the province and 9 yuan outside the province. For pinduoduo customers, the minimum can be as low as 1 yuan. < / P > < p > according to the person in charge of a Zhiying store in Wuhan Jitu speed, he is not responsible for the scale of the site, and the daily order volume is about 2000. Since entering Wuhan in April this year, it has more than 60 outlets, operating in the mode of self operation + franchise. At present, the penetration rate of polar rabbit express in cities across the country is 90%, while the accessibility system is maintained at about 97%. < / P > < p > when the reporter visited the outlets of Jitu express, it was found that compared with the express companies such as Tongda, Jingdong and Shunfeng, the outlets of Jitu Express were not dense. It is worth noting that Tongda, Jingdong and Shunfeng will generally choose densely populated residential areas or commercial circles to arrange outlets. Most of the terminal outlets of Jitu express are located near residential buildings in remote or old streets to control the cost. < / P > < p > in this way, it can be developed in a short period of time by recruiting couriers with high prices and grabbing orders at low prices. However, although this method has been developed in a short time, the problem of timeliness is still a big problem. < p > < p > for this, Li Zhi, a courier of polar rabbit express, said that when he delivered the express, he did not have much intersection with the rookie post station, and most of them would choose to put the express cabinet. Meng Fanlin, a consumer in the third and fourth tier cities, told lieyun that he sometimes received a short message from polar rabbit express, saying that the express was put in the rookie post station. But when going to the rookie post station to express, the person in charge of the post station said that the express was not in the post station, and was finally found in the corner at the gate of the post station. It is reported that the development of Jitu express is not strong, and it is unable to build a stable and efficient logistics system in a short period of time. As a result, some express delivery outlets are in disorder due to their long-term free riding. It is just because of this that it was revealed that Tongda Department issued the “notice on completely banning the express delivery service of polar rabbit”. However, with the secondary listing of Zhongtong and the establishment of subsidiary express delivery companies by Jingdong and Shunfeng, there is not much time left for the already saturated market. So the rabbit express chose to “borrow the shell to send force.” < p > < p > in 2019, J & teexpress acquired Longbang express, an old express company in Shanghai, which started later in 2002. At the same time, Shanghai Longbang Express Co., Ltd. holds the national post class license, and operates across provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government. As a result, it solved the problem of the policy of the polar rabbit express. However, both the existing logistics system of Longbang express and the self built network of Jitu can not be compared with those of Tongda, Shunfeng and Jingdong at one time, so it is difficult to guarantee the timeliness. < / P > < p > the Jitu express, which embraces pinduoduo, is faced with the fact that most of its users, who mainly focus on the sinking market, also live in the third and fourth tier cities. However, due to the weakness of the self built network, the timeliness is not optimistic. Consumers in a county-level city disclosed to lieyun.com that the express delivery arriving at the distribution center on October 24 was not delivered, and the average length of packages delivered by polar rabbit express was slower than that of Tongda system. < / P > < p > in the face of the domestic express market that has already taken shape, it is really a bit urgent for the express delivery company to rush for orders, to recruit couriers and to occupy the market. We can not grasp the logistics network in the middle of the order quantity and terminal distribution. For the extreme rabbit, whether it is backdoor or rub net can not support its ambition to be the top 3 in the industry. < / P > < p > will soon usher in the 11th double 11, which is also the biggest examination of express delivery industry every year. For the first time in the face of double 11 polar rabbit express, can you stand firm? Global Tech