Hitachi has received an order for the train control system of California high-speed railway, which costs about $798 million. Hitachi will be responsible for the design, construction and installation of a communication based train operation control system (CBTC) for the high-speed railway operating in the San Francisco Bay area. < / P > < p > Hitachi railway STS USA, a subsidiary of Hitachi production, received an order for the train control system update project from San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit Authority. CBTC can master train position and other information through wireless way, so as to realize operation management. It is said that the introduction of CBTC can shorten the workshop distance and increase the number of trains running. < / P > < p > the average daily users of San Francisco Bay Area high-speed railway reach 405000. At present, there are 23-24 trains per hour (10 cars). If we change to CBTC produced by Hitachi, the number of trains per hour can be increased to 30. It can transport more than 30000 passengers per hour. < / P > < p > the contract also includes ground signal equipment, communication and automatic train control system. In addition, it has received a support service order for up to 20 years, covering the training and support of maintenance personnel, with an order amount of 8.6 million US dollars. The report shows that the number of app store purchases soared in the first half of this year due to the impact of covid-19