And signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly promote the tackling of network core technologies and products. This data storage and calculation integrated machine is based on the real-time analysis platform of big data of barrow data, and provides the computing power and data security support with domestic CPU and optimal hardware scheme. With domestic database software and domestic CPU as the main body, the machine directly improves the computing power of domestic data processing platform to a new level through continuous optimization of performance configuration, and realizes the integration of massive data storage and real-time accurate calculation under the dual guarantee of independent software and hardware. < / P > < p > according to relevant tests and evaluations, the computing speed of berui data storage and computing all-in-one computer under the same environment is comparable to that of foreign high-end data processors. It can effectively meet the requirements of 5g, AI, big data basic services, big data application, analysis and presentation on data transmission speed and security, and can accelerate the government, finance, education, medical care, communication, and energy Digital transformation and development of key industries such as source. At the same time, Zhaoxin and Bairui data also formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement during the press conference, which laid a solid foundation for further technical exchanges and industrial cooperation between the two sides. < p > < p > Zhaoxin always adheres to the mainstream development path of technological innovation and compatibility. By cooperating with upstream and downstream industry partners, Zhaoxin builds a computing platform and solutions with outstanding experience, high security and high reliability, and helps government office, finance, education, energy, medical, transportation, network security and other key industries to realize the efficient and rapid migration of information technology. IPhone 12 whole family barrel model exposed: it’s a tribute to iPhone 4