To this end, Toyota and Honda this month began testing moving e, a fuel cell bus designed to serve as a mobile power source to help meet the emergency power needs of the community. < / P > < p > moving e the mobile power generation / output system consists of fuel cell buses produced by Toyota, which carry twice as much hydrogen as FC buses, and are equipped with two power exporter 9000 portable power devices and 20 sets of Lib aid produced by Honda The E500 and 36 Honda portable batteries, together with the charger / discharger, are expected to generate 454 kWh and output 18 kW. < / P > < p > during the test, a fully loaded charging station bus will be driven to the test site within 100 km (62 miles) of the hydrogenation station. Subsequently, Toyota and Honda will test the mobile power supply in different use scenarios to ensure that everything works as expected. < / P > < p > the two companies did not disclose their subsequent production plans. It is expected that after commercial use, it will supply power to the appliances and equipment in the disaster area, to the evacuation center, and even to the temporary residence of the people in need. Between missions, the bus can also be deployed for outdoor activities such as concerts, gatherings and parties. Privacy Policy