Honda announced that it would no longer participate in F1 as a power supplier after the end of next year’s F1 race, leaving two red bull teams in disorder in the wind. Red Bull’s manager will lament that nature has made a fool of people. At the beginning, he broke up with Renault and was ridiculed by the latter for having no engine and no driver Now it’s a long way to go again, find the right engine and taste the bitter dejavu. Honda explained that the auto industry is facing “a great change not seen in a century” and that it wants to concentrate its resources on areas that can create brilliance. The company has also left a little affection for the company to withdraw after the end of the 2021 season, leaving a full year for partners to search for racing power. < p > < p > Red Bull understands Honda’s intention to quit. Everyone is seeking innovation and change. Now it’s time to find an engine for 2022 season! Red Bull recently signed a new Concorde agreement with FIA and F1 Association, promising to support its two teams to participate in the race until 2025. In addition, Abbie Eaton, the popular female test driver of the grand tour, has released the latest news. She has obtained a motorcycle racing license and is running in with Yamaha yzf-r1m at Yinshi circuit: < / P > < p > the picture shows Abbie Eaton and Alice, another legendary female driver Powell’s self portrait during the outbreak (in Chinese, a Jaguar racing official): < / P > < p > Captain James once said that they interviewed many drivers, and Abbie Eaton performed best. She made her debut in the second episode of season 2 of the grand tour in December 2017. Global Tech