At present, one of the most popular heavyweight models in China, the red flag H9 is definitely one. With the luxury atmosphere like “Rolls Royce” and a starting price of nearly 310000 yuan, the car has also become the facade model of domestic luxury brands. However, Hongqi H9 has just been on the market for half a month now, and has encountered the embarrassing situation of “spontaneous combustion”, which is really pouring cold water for the current hot sales of Hongqi H9. On September 9, according to the video uploaded by netizens, a red flag H9 test drive suddenly emitted heavy smoke during driving, suspected of “spontaneous combustion”. (click here to watch the video) < / P > < p > then the vehicle was stopped in the middle of the lane. The salesmen of the same trade opened the front engine compartment cover, quickly took out the fire extinguisher, and sprayed fire extinguishing agent into the vehicle cabin and under the chassis. < / P > < p > at the same time, in the video, we can also find sporadic flames burning on the ground under the chassis of red flag H9 co driver, but it is not clear whether this flame is related to red flag H9. < / P > < p > from the video, the red flag H9 should not have further “spontaneous combustion” from the formation of several sales personnel holding fire extinguishers, but the engine compartment still emitted thick smoke. < p > < p > it is reported that Hongqi H9 was officially launched on August 23. The new car is equipped with 2.0t/3.0t power, with a total of 5 models, and the price range is 309800-539800 yuan. The 3.0T supercharged engine has a maximum power of 283 horsepower and a peak torque of 400 N · M. The transmission is matched with 7-speed double clutch transmission, with front rear drive chassis. < p > < p > judging from the general response of 4S stores to the outside world, Hongqi H9 sales are booming, and there are almost no existing cars in the stores. If the owner buys a car, he needs to make a deposit and wait for the car. Skip to content