It has been more than a year since Huang Zheng proposed the concept of “new logistics platform”, but the outside world has not yet waited for the official voice of pinduoduo. This does not seem to be in line with the “pinduoduo speed” of listing in three years and a market value of more than 100 billion US dollars in four years and nine months. In October this year, pinduoduo once again revealed to the outside world that the peak daily order volume exceeded 100 million and the average daily package number was stable at 70 million, accounting for 1 / 3 of the total domestic express delivery volume. < / P > < p > there is no doubt that such a large number of express delivery needs the unified management of the e-commerce platform, and even needs a huge investment like Alibaba’s share in four links and one access, and Jingdong’s self built logistics. However, pinduoduo only gave the answer to the outside world about the electronic bill. In addition, there was only a seemingly unstable cooperative relationship between pinduoduo and polar rabbit express and post. < p > < p > in 2019, pinduoduo’s Gmv has broken through the trillion mark. According to pinduoduo’s latest financial report, as of the second quarter of 2020, the total sales volume (Gmv) of pinduoduo was 1.27 trillion yuan, an increase of 79% year-on-year. < / P > < p > with the rapid growth of Gmv is the increase of order quantity. In October this year, pinduoduo said that the daily average number of packages on the platform had exceeded 70 million, and the daily trading peak exceeded 100 million. According to the data released by the State Post Office, from January to September this year, the total business volume of express service enterprises in China has reached 56.14 billion pieces, with an average of 200 million pieces per day. In other words, pinduoduo’s daily average of 70 million has accounted for 1 / 3 of the number of express delivery nationwide. In March this year, pinduoduo announced 65 million packages, accounting for 1 / 4 of the total number of express delivery in China. < / P > < p > since the outbreak, each e-commerce platform has been strengthening its own control over logistics. It is needless to say that, even due to the continuous operation of Jingdong Logistics during the epidemic period, a large number of regular customers have returned to Jingdong as described by Xu Lei, CEO of Jingdong retail. Ali also invested 3.3 billion yuan in Shentong this year, invested 6.6 billion yuan in Yuantong, and 2% of its shares in Yunda, which had not been listed before. However, pinduoduo’s attempt in logistics has always been less humane. In August last year, Huang Zheng said on the financial report telephone conference that pinduoduo was developing a “new logistics” technology platform, which would adopt an asset light and open mode, focusing on providing solutions for businesses and users through technology. But more than a year later, this part of the business has never spoken out. The external understanding of pinduoduo logistics, in addition to the electronic bill system which has been implemented as early as March last year, only the relationship between pinduoduo logistics and express rookie Jitu and logistics veteran post has attracted much attention from the outside world. < / P > < p > the electronic surface bill implemented by pinduoduo is a logistics service jointly provided by pinduoduo and express companies to the merchants by printing and outputting Paper Logistics surface sheets by thermal paper. The express companies supported by pinduoduo in the initial stage of launch are four links and one delivery and post. As a matter of fact, pinduoduo’s electronic face sheet is the same as that used by merchants before. The software, process and express cooperation have not changed, but the order number on the front sheet has changed. In April last year, Huang Zheng once said in the financial report telephone conference that pinduoduo’s electronic bill system has become the second largest electronic bill system in China and even in the world in a short time. He also said that other e-bill systems now require merchants of their own system to use only their own specified bills, but pinduoduo still allows merchants to choose other electronic bill systems. Among many pinduoduo merchants inquired by Sohu technology, they also said that pinduoduo did not force the use of its electronic bill system. < / P > < p > in essence, the implementation of e-bill system can introduce the e-commerce platform as a third party between merchants and express companies, and strengthen the control of commodity logistics information, especially the illegal behaviors such as Bill brushing. Similarly, as early as 2014, Ali has been implementing the electronic bill system for rookies. < / P > < p > on the merchant side, pinduoduo merchant service has published such a message: for 100% of the merchants who use their own e-bills, they have said that they can completely abolish the “penalty for false delivery flow”, and provide priority approval privileges for various activities. It is also because of this rule that pinduoduo has been questioned by some media that “encourage merchants to brush orders and force express enterprises to stand in line”. However, many responses were quickly followed by the public version of the first official account, so the official number was deleted and ready for the release of the ambiguous version. The significance of the new “electronic bill” lies in thoroughly solving the problem of false delivery. In the past, due to the use of other types of electronic bills, these electronic bills were only responsible for the attack of false delivery within their own e-commerce system, but they did not help pinduoduo platform to deal with the persistent problem of false delivery. Even some businesses and individual logistics express outlets conspired to make false delivery, but the platform could not control the “vacuum” zone. However, the introduction of electronic face sheets can not completely eliminate the need to brush. In fact, some people in the industry told Sohu technology that “the risk control of e-commerce platforms for bill brushing should also be balanced. If it is too strict, it may cause ugly financial data, and if it is too loose, it will also affect advertising promotion income.” < / P > < p > however, in most cases, Bill brushing is strictly prohibited in the e-commerce platform. Once it is found, there will be risks of points deduction, power reduction and even shop closure. However, in addition to increasing store weight and increasing traffic, swiping orders may also be used for money laundering. < / P > < p > previously, CCTV reported a case of huge money laundering by swiping bills on e-commerce platforms. Mr. Lin of Wuxi has been unable to receive the goods after online shopping. The express bill shows that the goods have been delivered, but the express company says it is an empty package. Following the Internet fraud case, the police found that there were hundreds of millions of such empty packages on the Internet. A large number of empty package orders were directed at Wang and Zhang in Guangdong. Both of them controlled more than 1000 websites selling empty package express orders, and sold 600 million express bills in two years. The orders sold were not only used for online shops to swipe orders, but also for overseas gambling fund settlement. At the end of the case, the police froze more than 20 million yuan of funds involved in the case and 23 real estate units. Nine express companies involved in the case were also interviewed. < / P > < p > return to the purpose of improving the flow of stores. In fact, the cost of sending empty bags is not lower than that of real goods. Some people in the industry have disclosed to Sohu technology that the cost of sending empty bags is between 1-3 yuan. However, when the quantity is large (at least 1000 pieces / month), the price can be reached by ordinary small express delivery within 1kg. Even in Yiwu and other commodity distribution centers, the price can reach 0.9 yuan nationwide. In the general environment, in June this year, a large number of empty package websites were closed down, leading to some e-commerce merchants who had to use real express delivery to deliver goods, resulting in heavy losses. Under the severe attack of the state, a large number of empty package websites have been closed down, but the new mode of bill brushing, such as envelope list, is making a comeback. This mode uses the envelope package delivery (empty inside), with logistics order number, can be real express delivery, direct site sign in, collectively referred to as time tested pieces. Do not need to send a member to send, so basically is their own site directly sign in. < p > < p > on October 19, Yunda issued the “notice on banning the agency of polar rabbit business in the whole network” on the intranet, officially “blocking” the extreme rabbit. According to a number of “Tongda” franchisees, Shentong and Yuantong have issued similar notices. < / P > < p > GEE rabbit is a “foreign-funded enterprise” and was established in Indonesia in August 2015. In September last year, Jitu obtained the qualification of express logistics in the mainland by purchasing Longbang express. They also have Chinese background. Li Jie, the founder of oppo, was born in Indonesia company of oppo. Like Huang Zheng, founder of pinduoduo, he was highly valued by Duan Yongping, chairman of Bubugao group. Similar to pinduoduo, Jitu has the same growth rate as pinduoduo. It used to become the second largest express company in Southeast Asia and the first in Indonesia in two years by taking advantage of oppo and vivo. According to its official website, the company has more than 170 large-scale transfer centers, 600 sets of intelligent sorting equipment, 4000 self owned vehicles, and more than 40000 operation outlets with more than 140000 employees. But when Sohu technology verified the data of the relevant staff in the Chinese mainland, the other side did not give an accurate answer. < / P > < p > from the perspective of the number of employees, the number of employees in logistics companies with asset light mode is generally small. For example, by the end of 2019, Yuantong has 15000 employees, Zhongtong 17000 employees, Shentong 11000 employees, and Yuntong has 8000 employees. Deppon logistics, which focuses on self support, has more than 80000 employees, Shunfeng has 115000 employees, and Jingdong Logistics has more than 200000 employees. Therefore, with the number of 140000 employees, it is more likely to adopt the self-employed mode globally. However, under this mode, it is not a simple thing to start the network quickly within half a year, which can be concluded from the losses of Jingdong in the past ten years. But different from Jingdong, polar rabbit has already possessed the “basic plate” in the early stage of development. According to the Research Report of Guoxin Securities, the daily average business volume of Jitu has reached 7-10 million pieces. Small s, a express delivery agent in a core business district in Beijing, told Sohu technology that the daily delivery volume of this area can reach 1000 orders, almost all of which are orders from pinduoduo platform. From the previous visit of AI finance and economics news agency to the head of a branch in Zhengzhou, we can also know that the number of packages in the area is 40%, and some outlets can reach 50%, which is the largest customer. Kwai and tiktok are also increasing. < / P > < p > such a huge business volume needs a large number of single channel support. According to the official website of polar rabbit, there are nearly 20 fast order channels in China, including 3 official channels, 14 e-commerce channels and 5 third-party Express query platforms. Besides mobile phone tiktok, such as Suning Dangdang, gathering and other business platforms, such as short video / business live broadcasting platform, OPPO, vivo and other mobile phone brands, as well as Kwai Ting post, cloud cabinet and other end delivery platform. It is worth noting that polar rabbit has not been connected to Ali system and Jingdong channel at present. < / P > < p > even for pinduoduo’s orders, it is difficult for them to take over all the orders. With the daily average demand of pinduoduo of 70 million, the extremely rabbit may only be able to eat 10%. And before that, there are pinduoduo related staff to the media, the rabbit’s propaganda is in the rub pinduoduo hot spot. In the aspect of timeliness, polar rabbits also face many doubts. “We now have our own site, our own transfer center,” the express man of the rabbit once told Sohu technology. In terms of timeliness, it has been the same as the four links and one da. ” But in the netizens’ evaluation of the pole rabbit is not the same: “just complained about the polar rabbit express, said that the express has been sent to me, but the phone, message, pick up code no, lost in a six or seven kilometers away from the site, called to ask, said the next day to send to me, just called to say forgotten.” < / P > < p > although there is a gap in the service compared with Tongda department or SF, but in terms of the wages of couriers, Jitu can be benchmarked. “They may give the courier the same fee as they give us, which is 2.5 yuan, but we usually charge 13 yuan for the same city package. Even if the quantity is large, it may be 10 yuan, but they can reduce the unit price to 3 yuan or even more than 2 yuan,