With the closing of Apple’s September launch, we also ushered in the official version of IOS 14. Yesterday, Xiaolei had given the actual feelings and upgrade suggestions of Lei technology editor after using IOS 14 for three months in the article “IOS 14 used for three months, now tell you whether to upgrade or not”. But in that article, Xiao Lei also mentioned that IOS 14’s privacy protection measures have caused a great stir among developers. In particular, Apple’s restrictions on “advertising tracking” have made Facebook and other social giants sleep and eat hard. He also specially issued an announcement to warn IOS 14 of the seriousness of this measure. < / P > < p > I believe you have heard the rumor that after you talk about something with your colleagues, the shopping software on your mobile phone will automatically push the items you just talked about. Although this rumor has not been proved or falsified in terms of code, it also vividly illustrates the invasion of privacy by the “precise push” advocated by the Internet today. < / P > < p > in fact, a few years ago, if you wanted to accurately locate your personal information, you didn’t need to spend a lot of time photographing and recording. The mobile phone’s serial number (IMEI code) and MAC address are highly identifiable information. As long as the manufacturer obtains these information, and then conducts behavior analysis, it can get the general picture of the user. < p > < p > in the game with advertising companies, Apple quickly blocked the use of IMEI code and MAC address to conduct user portraits, but it also made a compromise with the manufacturers: on IOS 6, Apple launched a logo called IDFA (advertising identifier), which allows manufacturers to collect “official” information. Although Apple stipulates that users can reset IDFA at any time, the effect is not significant. According to the data of adjust and appsflyer, the probability of users turning on this function is only about 10-20%. < / P > < p > the limitations of IDFA are more than that. Apple stipulates that in order to avoid the uniqueness of device information, each application obtains different IDFA. However, this obviously can not stop the Internet giants. We should know that both at home and abroad, Internet giants have reached all aspects of the application ecology. Even if the IDFA is different, the giants can conduct multi-party comparison and lock in a user by means of account numbers, device fingerprints and other means. What’s more, even if the IFDA of the device is reset, the manufacturer can still match it with the key string. However, the good days of advertisers may come to an end this year. With the continuous improvement of Apple’s ecological chain construction, its business discourse power is also gradually increasing. IDFA is the result of compromise between apple and advertising companies, but now Apple doesn’t need to. At the WWDC 2020 conference, apple officially announced: in IOS 14, users will have the right to close IDFA, and they will be forced to ask when they open the app for the first time. < / P > < p > in July, 16 European advertising associations joined forces to oppose the new privacy policy of IOS 14. In August, Facebook also said that Apple’s change in privacy settings would seriously weaken Facebook’s advertising ability, and its online advertising revenue might be cut by more than 50%. You should know that Facebook’s advertising revenue accounts for more than 90% of its total revenue. < / P > < p > in the face of advertisers’ complaints, Apple has actually prepared a way back for them: in 2018, Apple launched a new advertising framework, skadnetwork. Compared with IDFA, all advertising methods of advertisers will be closely monitored by apple, and the data transparency will be greatly reduced. The mode of relying on its own programmers to monitor data quietly has been completely adopted by apple Ban. < / P > < p > not only in foreign countries, but also for domestic manufacturers. If you open the official help documents provided by any major domestic manufacturer for advertisers, you will be surprised at the “differential treatment” between IOS and Android: the advertising platform often marks on IOS that after IOS x, this method is no longer available, while Android platform can still be more effective Easy access to IMEI code and other data. Although domestic applications are more used to tracking account system, equipment information is also an important part of investigation for domestic manufacturers. < / P > < p > of course, Apple has done so thoroughly this time, which has aroused the anger of most Internet companies for apple, after all, they can’t maintain their value by selling devices. Apple announced on September 4 that the advertising restriction function, originally scheduled for September, would be postponed to January next year. Although the four month probation period has been granted, advertisers are not relieved. In the next few months, manufacturers can only build models according to the existing customer data as soon as possible to isolate the “positioning failure” caused by the lack of hardware information, which will be a disaster for small and medium-sized manufacturers with insufficient capacity. < / P > < p > in fact, not only apple, but also many technology companies have taken the initiative to say “no” to the advertisements of Internet manufacturers. Microsoft Xiaomi has adopted a confusing strategy for device information, which makes it impossible for advertisers to obtain information as easily as before. One of the common points of these companies is that their “Internet” attribute is not too strong, and they have developed in ecology When it is very mature, it carries out “back stabbing” on advertising companies. < / P > < p > to be sure, these companies cut through the mess quickly from the protection of users’ privacy. But on the other hand, it also reflects the reality of fierce competition among all parties in the era of traffic – we often say “private domain traffic”. In fact, the equipment and the ecology behind it are born with “private domain traffic”. When hardware manufacturers start to develop software and software manufacturers are close to the Internet, the end of pure Internet manufacturers will come. However, regardless of the motivation, privacy protection is still the most important proposition of our time. The higher the risk of information leakage, the higher the risk of data leakage. How to prevent their own information from being “carefully analyzed” by more giants, how to improve the threshold of personal information acquisition and matching as far as possible, and not to be maliciously used by people with ulterior motives are eternal propositions in the Internet era. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park