The superconducting quantum computing cloud platform independently developed by Hefei Benyuan Quantum Computing Technology Co., Ltd. was officially launched. Kong Weicheng, chairman of Benyuan quantum company, said that Wuyuan, a superconducting quantum computer independently developed by Benyuan quantum, will provide real quantum computing services to global users. < p > < p > in 1900, the German physicist Planck put forward the concept of quantum, and quantum mechanics was gradually established in the early 20th century. Different from the long application process of classical mechanics, the process of transforming quantum mechanics into real social technology is obviously faster. < / P > < p > “the application of quantum computing is developing faster and faster, and the era of full-scale quantum computing may soon come.” Dr. Kong Weicheng, chairman of Benyuan quantum company, told Science and Technology Daily that quantum computing is a new computing mode that follows the laws of quantum mechanics to regulate quantum information units for computing. It is completely different from the existing classical computing models. The classical calculation uses the digital electronic method of binary, and the binary is always in the definite state of 0 or 1. By virtue of the superposition property of quantum mechanics, quantum computing can realize the superposition of computational states. It contains not only 0 and 1, but also superposition states of 0 and 1. < / P > < p > “in short, quantum computer is a new computing device that uses quantum devices to make use of quantum superposition and entanglement characteristics to run quantum algorithms and quantum software. In dealing with some specific problems, it has the advantage of exponential computing speed compared with the classical computer Kong Weicheng said. < / P > < p > “quantum computing is the main breakthrough direction of the next generation of human information technology.” Kong Weicheng told reporters that with the continuous improvement of human demand for computer computing power, along with “Moore’s law”, the process of semiconductor chip manufacturing is also rapidly shrinking. It has reached the scale of 5 nanometers. < / P > < p > “the size of 5 nanometers is only 40 silicon atoms. If silicon-based semiconductor devices continue to shrink to 1 nanometer level, it means that we have gone from” classical physics “to” quantum physics. ” Kong Weicheng said that in such a situation, quantitative change has brought qualitative change – quantum tunneling effect is inevitable. “We can no longer control the circuit through PN junction to achieve logic, which means that Moore’s law is coming to an end. Therefore, the classic computer based on LSI is the end point. Research and development of quantum computers has become a new direction to help human beings continue to improve their computing power. ” < / P > < p > “the original quantum cloud we just released provides users with a running environment of quantum computing based on real superconducting quantum computers. Users can use the cloud platform to develop and run quantum programs online.” Kong Weicheng told reporters that the original quantum cloud can provide users all over the world with application services, including the development of quantum programs, the running experience of typical quantum applications, the sorting of complex networks, and the application of user preference behavior prediction. With the development of quantum program services, users can use graphical interface programming and qpanda, jupyterlab programming tools, respectively, for science popularization and entry-level users and professional developers. The quantum program written by the user is sent to the real quantum computer in the back end by the cloud platform, and the results are returned. < / P > < p > running and experiencing typical quantum applications on the native quantum cloud enables users to better understand and use the native superconducting quantum computing cloud platform. Benyuan quantum has launched three typical quantum computing programming applications, including complex network sorting application, handwritten digit recognition application, and user preference behavior prediction application. < / P > < p > “these three applications are based on the current mature quantum algorithm, and are all developed by the native quantum team using the quantum programming framework qpanda and the quantum programming language qrunes.” Kong Weicheng told reporters that the complex network sequencing application can model a given network, which will provide an important reference for predicting the next spread point of the virus, and help localities allocate epidemic prevention materials and medical resources more efficiently. Handwritten numeral recognition plays an important role in AI field, which makes it possible for subsequent quantum algorithms to accelerate the quantization of computer vision. The application of user preference behavior prediction is based on quantum machine learning framework to implement quantum association rule data mining algorithm, which encodes user data to quantum superposition state, and gives user preference prediction based on this algorithm. Compared with the classical algorithm, it can achieve exponential acceleration effect. “The implementation of this application has laid the foundation for the future implementation and implementation of quantum recommendation system.” Kong Weicheng said. < / P > < p > the fastest supercomputer can execute 500 million instructions per second, which is terrible, but with quantum computers, you can doubt your life. < / P > < p > previously, there was a media report saying that “there is no password under the quantum”. In foreign countries, a quantum computer was used to brutally crack rsa-2048, the most secure encryption algorithm in history. This shows that quantum computers have the ability to crack all encrypted information! If you see in the news that someone has successfully built a quantum computer, you’d better freeze your credit card immediately. Because, when you shop online, all the current ways to protect your credit card information will be broken by quantum computers in an instant. < / P > < p > “quantum computing uses the properties of superposition and entanglement of quantum mechanics, combined with special quantum algorithm, it has exponential acceleration effect compared with classical computer in dealing with some specific problems. From the current research, quantum computers are expected to play an important role in password cracking, chemical molecular simulation, financial engineering, artificial intelligence and other fields in the future Kong Weicheng said. < / P > < p > “although the prospect of quantum computers is promising, it still has a long way to go before it can be applied,” explained Kong. The 6-bit superconducting quantum chip independently developed by Benyuan quantum can realize the coupling of any two of the six superconducting qubits through the “quantum data bus”. Using the precisely designed pulse sequence, we can achieve high fidelity quantum logic gate operation, and then we can design and demonstrate the quantum algorithm. The operation, control and reading functions of the processor are stable, and many technical indexes such as fidelity and coherent time reach the international advanced level. < / P > < p > “in fact, it is not only the number of bits that affects the performance of quantum chips, but also the fidelity and decoherence time.” Kong Weicheng told reporters that in the future, the 24 bit quantum processor developed by Benyuan quantum will adopt a more advanced superconducting air bridge architecture to support the demonstration of small and medium-sized quantum algorithms. Combined with the 32 bit quantum computer control system recently released by Benyuan quantum, the second generation of 60 bit Wuyuan superconducting quantum computer is expected to be launched by the end of 2021, striving to realize China’s “quantum hegemony” within three to five years. It is said that “gta5” will be launched on Google cloud game platform stadia