Sony Playstation 5 is full of powerful components to make the next generation of games look better than ever. However, this power tends to generate a lot of heat, so some people want to see how hot Playstation 5 becomes in use.


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He aimed the cat S62 Pro phone at it, which has a built-in thermal imaging sensor made by industry expert FLIR systems. The Xbox series X was tested on the same mobile phone before, and when playing gears 5, its maximum temperature was about 121.9 degrees Fahrenheit (49.9 degrees Celsius).

He found that when the Playstation 5 was idle, the temperature was 66.7 degrees Fahrenheit (19.3 degrees Celsius), which was roughly the same as 68.7 degrees Fahrenheit (20.4 degrees Celsius) of the Xbox series X. when Sony’s pre installed Astro’s playroom was started to show some new Playstation 5 features, the temperature reached 83.4 degrees Fahrenheit (28.6 degrees Celsius).

Next, launched the “Final Fantasy seven” remaking, played about 40 minutes. During this time, the temperature dropped to about 78 degrees Fahrenheit (25.6 degrees Celsius). This is probably because FFVII does not have a high demand for game machines. Bugsnax brought the temperature up to 88.1 degrees Fahrenheit (31.2 degrees Celsius), but marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales brought it to a peak of 95.1 degrees Fahrenheit (35.1 degrees Celsius).

This is a reasonable heat, but it is much lower than the 121.9f observed on the Xbox series X series. However, the Xbox series X is playing more demanding games, while there are not so many demanding games on Playstation 5. When big name games such as cyberpunk 2077 and biochemical crisis 8 come, it remains to be seen how the temperature performance of the two games will be.