2020 is a magic year. A car company without a car can be listed in the US stock market, and can soar nearly 40% overnight. This company is called Nikola. Nikola’s share price soared on Sept. 8 when General Motors announced it would buy 11% of its shares. The listing method is similar to “backdoor”, named spac, which is merged with a shell company in the US stock market to complete the listing. < / P > < p > more than one company has followed Nikola’s example. Currently, Fisker and canoo, two U.S. car manufacturers, have announced that they are going to be listed in this form. They have not yet got a mass production car. < p > < p > compared with the American partners, the “three swordsmen” of China’s newly built cars, which have successively landed in the US stock market, have made great progress. In the first year of the release of the first car, Weilai, idealist and Xiaopeng achieved good results in sales of more than 10000. As a listed company, the gap is really big. However, this does not prevent the “new car” forces in the United States from frequently catching up with the camera, such as hydrogen fuel, high performance of Tesla, and the most popular model in the United States Are there any opportunities for us new car makers to compete with China’s new car makers? < p > < p > in 2014, when Li Bin was looking at the haze in Beijing and determined to start building cars, an American on the other side of the ocean also began to consider the future development direction of the company. < / P > < p > rivian, who originally planned to be a high-end electric car, realized that the road seemed difficult to get through. In other words, as like as two peas in the Tesla Model, it is very difficult for the us to get out of the second identical Tesla. < / P > < p > pickups are the most popular models in the United States, just as SUVs are in China. As a result, Weilai and rivian have both chosen the most suitable models for the local market. < p > < p > Li Bin once said: if you don’t burn 20 billion yuan, you don’t want to build a car. With such a high amount of financing, rivian has received 4 billion US dollars (about 27 billion RMB) in just one and a half years, and has stepped over the threshold of car manufacturing. < / P > < p > to finance, build factories and release new models, rivian has to do the same thing as most new car makers, and strive to bring vehicles to the market. According to foreign media estimates, rivian now holds $5.4 billion, which is the company with the most cash before mass production of all electric vehicle start-ups in the world. < / P > < p > similarly, another new car company is ready to go. Lucid, which has spent years polishing its new model, has recently unveiled its veil. < / P > < p > lucid air, an amazing electric car, has been called “Tesla killer”. In other words, lucid benchmarked Tesla’s earliest model s in all aspects of the car, but claimed to surpass model s in all aspects. < / P > < p > as an electric vehicle, lucid emphasizes the advantages of battery and “super efficient” motor technology when promoting new models. The most expensive version of the air dream edition has a range of 810 km and a charging system of 900 volts, higher than the 800 Volts previously introduced by Porsche, officials said. After 20 minutes of charging, the lucid air can run 480 kilometers. < / P > < p > this radical technology, which seems to fill up skill points, reminds people of Xiaopeng P7, which was just launched in 2020. If you remember correctly, when Xiaopeng automobile P7 was just released, its 700 km range was really amazing. < p > < p > with the listing of Xiaopeng P7, we can also see its efforts in intelligence. The p7 is equipped with a very powerful autopilot hardware architecture on mass production vehicles, including 14 cameras, 5 millimeter wave radars and 12 ultrasonic radars, as well as computing units driven by NVIDIA Xavier and Bosch ibooster brake assist systems. In this respect, lucid has something in common. < / P > < p > lucid officials say air has the “most comprehensive sensor suite” available on electric vehicles. The system, called dreamdrive, consists of 32 sensors, including cameras, millimeter wave radar, lidar and ultrasonic radar. In terms of hardware architecture, it is necessary to adapt to the further intelligent demand of automobile in the future. < / P > < p > whether it is an electric pickup or a high-end car, at least from the perspective of use, people have gradually accepted the species of electric vehicles. But the technology that hovers outside pure electric seems to be still trying to gain the recognition of “mainstream market”. At the end of August, the founder of < p > is not optimistic about the ideal car route. A few days later, Feng Sihan, CEO of Volkswagen China, bombarded the extended range technology in Volkswagen’s PHEV technology exchange and experience activities, saying that the extended range electric vehicle was the “worst solution” and let the ideal car fall into the whirlpool of public opinion again. So Li wanted to come out again and challenge the public on his micro blog. < / P > < p > the industry’s low recognition of non mainstream technologies is perhaps more felt by Trevor Milton, Nikola’s founder. Nikola is developing a hydrogen fuel cell truck, which is also used as a new energy source. As one of the most easily available energy sources, hydrogen is “defeated” by lithium batteries. < / P > < p > it may also be because Nikola has not built a car so far, and the number of times it has been questioned in the market has increased significantly, especially after the listing of US stocks. Even the founder of “sturgering” is “unbelievable”. He believes that using hydrogen to store energy will never be as efficient as storing electricity. Not to be outdone, Nikola announced that the hydrogen fuel cell would be put on the pickup truck to match Tesla’s pickup truck cybertruck. In this way, the mass production of nikolan has entered the mainstream of the United States. < / P > < p > if we compare the above three new automobile companies in the United States with Weilai, Xiaopeng and ideal, there are many companies with top resources besides them, and they are speeding up their pace of development. According to statistics in 2019, there are nearly 500 electric vehicle companies registered in China, which is still 60 at the end of 2017. Although it can’t compare with China in number, there are many new car companies in the United States that can be named. < / P > < p > with the increase of the number, there are many companies fishing in troubled waters. Since the word “new force of car making” was born in China, hundreds of companies have experienced several rounds of reshuffle, and those that can survive are enterprises with hard power. In the United States, shuffling seems to be just beginning. < / P > < p > on September 11, a short report appeared on the Internet, becoming the beginning of a whole magical event. In the report, short seller Hindenburg research bluntly called Nikola a “complex scam” and that its founder, Trevor Milton, had been lying for years and that Nikola misled its partners by falsely promoting the company’s technology, including its hydrogen fuel cell, which never existed. < / P > < p > although Nikola later issued a statement calling these statements “false and misleading”, and Milton also said that the short Nikola people were Tesla fans, things did not go the way he hoped. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Department of justice have begun to investigate Nikola. < / P > < p > Nikola is the extreme among the new forces of car making in the United States, and its ups and downs are very exciting. But more new forces, more stuck in the first step – capital. < / P > < p > lucid announced the air model as early as 2017, and announced the plan to build a factory. However, whether it’s new model development or factory building, it needs a lot of money. According to the public financing records, after receiving hundreds of millions of US dollars from LETV and BAIC group in 2014, lucid had no more capital to invest, and the plant construction plan was shelved. < / P > < p > until the end of 2018, lucid obtained US $1 billion from Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund to continue to develop its enterprise. However, according to the development rate of China’s newly built cars, the stagnant year of lucid missed many opportunities. < p > < p > even Weilai, who is on the rise, was once baffled by the problem of “money”. Even Li Bin, the founder, jokingly called himself “the worst person in 2019”. Due to the lack of funds, Weilai will have to lay off staff, reduce travel standards and cut down some businesses in 2019 to ensure revenue and expenditure. < / P > < p > “a car is just one door handle that is not ready. All other links are ready. Finally, people from all other departments have to stop and wait for the door handle. The price of waiting is very high. It may be tens of millions or even hundreds of millions a day. Then, any more money will soon be consumed. ” Li Bin once used a cruel example to describe the money and resources involved in car building, which also applies to every start-up company that makes cars. < / P > < p > the new car making forces in the United States have also “scuffled” for some time. Just like China, the United States has set up a number of car manufacturing enterprises in a few years, and have invested in the tide of using electric and intelligent to innovate traditional cars. But when it comes to “high light moment”, China’s new forces of car making have already set a benchmark. As a result, China has already established the basic pattern of competition, which is more than a little ahead of the United States. < / P > < p > most of China’s new car head companies have begun to prepare for the release of their third model, and the previous models have been put on sale to obtain capital return. If the sales situation is good, the positive cash flow will be formed quickly, and then the scale effect will be produced. But in the United States, there is no company other than Tesla that can achieve mass production. < / P > < p > in such a background of great disparity, China’s new forces of car manufacturing take advantage of the first mover advantage and start to March overseas. Xiaopeng automobile recently shipped 100 g3i (G3 upgraded version) to Europe, and China’s electric vehicles have officially started their overseas journey. < / P > < p > everyone who has seen Tesla’s “mass production hell” knows that even a company that has been rolling rapidly can be under such pressure that it can fall down if you take a wrong step. < / P > < p > < p > all the new car making forces in the United States that have not officially started mass production should be aware that their game difficulty is still in the “novice” mode, and the game is just beginning. 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