Novel coronavirus pneumonia yesterday released its fourth quarter 2020 earnings report, although the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to rage, but the company’s revenue is rising against the trend. However, iPhone sales plummeted 21% in the fourth quarter. With the launch of four new iPhone 12 models, can they boost Apple’s revenue to more than $100 billion in the holiday shopping season? Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been boosted by the surge in demand for apple, and apple notebook computer, iPad and smart watch sales have risen sharply, boosting Apple’s performance and increasing its total revenue by 1%, while analysts expect its revenue to decline on average.

Apple said revenue, excluding the iPhone, grew 25% year-on-year and MAC revenue reached a record $9 billion. < / P > < p > the epidemic also highlights the strength of apple. IPads and Macs are new, with revenue up 46% and 29% year-on-year, respectively, compared with the same period last year. “We had a very good start to the school season,” said Luca Maestri, Apple’s chief financial officer. But even today, our supply of iPads and Macs is tight. ” However, due to the delay in the release of the new flagship model, Apple’s iPhone sales fell in the fourth quarter compared with the same period last year, especially the sales revenue in Greater China fell by 29%. Apple executives attributed the delay to the iPhone 12’s delay until October, when Apple usually began selling its latest phones in September. < / P > < p > iPhone sales were flat through September, which will put pressure on apple to achieve ultra high revenue this holiday season. Since both versions of the iPhone 12 will not be available until November, the number of weeks sold in the holiday season will be less than in previous years. However, investors’ expectations of a substantial increase in iPhone revenue may help the company’s market value exceed $2 trillion. However, this is the third consecutive quarter in which apple did not provide detailed guidance, which means that Apple’s performance is still affected by the new crown epidemic, and there is great uncertainty, which also causes Apple’s share price to fall by more than 5%. < / P > < p > in the past, Apple’s fourth quarter performance guidance has always been very important, as it represents the company’s forecast for the new iPhone’s performance during the holiday shopping season. This year, apple only told investors that although the new iPhone had fewer weeks on the market than last year, it expected sales to increase compared with last year, and did not provide more specific information. < / P > < p > investors are betting that the new 5g phone will become a catalyst for the sharp rise in iPhone sales, even close to the sales record of 231 million units in fiscal 2015. < / P > < p > analysts are divided on Apple’s fourth quarter revenue and iPhone performance due to a lack of key information. At least four analysts raised Apple’s overall sales forecasts for the fourth quarter, while three others cut their forecasts, according to FactSet. The analysts’ average forecast for Apple’s next quarter is $100.8 billion. No quarter in Apple’s history has seen more than $100 billion in revenue. < p > < p > with iPhone sales declining from peak levels, Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, has shifted his focus to selling high-end phones and strengthening his service businesses, such as video and fitness applications. Long before the outbreak, the bright spot in Apple’s business was its services division, which more than doubled its revenue in fiscal 2019 from five years ago. It rose 16% in the fourth quarter to $14.5 billion. < / P > < p > however, Apple’s services business is under pressure as there are claims that apple is using the power of its digital ecosystem to harm competitors. In recent weeks, the U.S. House sub committee, which reviews big technology companies, has accused apple of using monopoly power, while video game developer Epic Games has filed a lawsuit against apple for fees charged through its app store. The U.S. Justice Department’s lawsuit against Google also put Apple’s multibillion dollar deal in favor of the search engine under scrutiny. (small) < A= target=_ blank>Global Tech