The expected iPhone 12 was finally released. As expected before, the iPhone 12 provided a series of technological innovations, such as 5g network and 5nm A14 chip, and at the same time, it lowered the initial selling price to 5499 yuan. Many fruit powder cheered for it. < / P > < p > in fact, today’s mobile phones are just like cars. Many netizens jokingly call the minimum matching version of “beggars among beggars” only to lower the entry threshold. It’s like the 5499 yuan iPhone 12 is only a 5.4-inch mini version, and its capacity is only 64GB. In today’s large screen interaction and high-frequency use, it is obviously not competent for the requirements of the main machine. < / P > < p > Apple’s ancestral capacity of 64GB is obviously inadequate in today’s video age, unless you buy a mobile phone and only answer and make calls, and even rarely send wechat. According to the mainstream demand of general users, 128GB should be a major sales model at present. But if you are a slightly heavy user, in fact, 128GB is not enough. < / P > < p > 5g is the biggest evolution of iPhone 12, and it is also the fundamental reason why many old users choose to upgrade. Therefore, we should look forward to the needs of the next two or three years from the perspective of 5g era. Now a wechat can easily occupy dozens of GB of space, you can take photos, record a small video, install some more and more bloated mobile games, ha ha, 256gb is a must! < / P > < p > no matter what you think, the iPhone 12 series does not come with a headset charger. Apple said it was doing it for environmental protection, but netizens criticized apple for being crazy about money. Instead of offering the embarrassing 5a1v ancestral charging head, the iPhone 12 also offers MagSafe series of magnetic suction chargers and other accessories that you have to buy! < / P > < p > according to Apple’s official website, the iPhone 12 supports MagSafe wireless charging and Qi wireless charging, and can charge up to 50% of the power in 30 minutes with a power adapter of 20 watts or more (purchased separately). Generally speaking, the content in brackets is the key point. By the way, you need to buy it separately, no problem! < / P > < p > along with the disappearance of the ancestral 5a1v charger, there is the lightningearpods earphone, which is tasteless and unfortunately abandoned. In fact, for modern people, the headset is still a high frequency accessory. In addition to controlling costs, apple doesn’t “come with” headphones. In fact, it’s obvious that the reason why Apple doesn’t “come with” headphones is to guide users to buy better and more expensive airpods series. < / P > < p > about the last two years, Bluetooth headset has become popular, especially with the promotion of TWS technology, wireless headset has gradually become the “mainstream” choice of more users. What’s more, Apple’s airpods Bluetooth headset has always been well-known, and it’s one of the most valuable accessories in Apple’s ecology. So, you know < / P > < p > therefore, such a “mainstream” set of mandatory packages for iPhone 12, which is neither luxurious nor pro, has appeared. Roughly, it has been close to 10000 yuan. I don’t know what the psychology of those who were cheering for the starting price of 5499 yuan. Really should that sentence, buy not sell essence. It seems that the starting price is lower, but in fact, you have to spend more. < / P > < p > then some netizens asked me, I’ll buy an iPhone, can’t I buy something else? If I say that buying Apple is for a good experience, what apple sells is IOS software and hardware ecological products. These almost “standard” accessories are not fully matched. Why do you have to buy apple? If you buy an Android flagship for thousands of yuan, it doesn’t smell good. At least bring your own headset and super fast charging! After 12 years, “world class Super project” Shantou Bay Tunnel ushers in a historic breakthrough today