Have players ever thought about how much it will cost to buy all the games on steam platform, plus DLC and soundtrack? Some people speculate that it will cost several hundred million yuan! Some people speculate that it will cost several million yuan. In short, opinions vary. Wang Chenggang, a post-90s programmer, created the “buy all steam Games” website, which can continuously track the steam platform and find out the cumulative value of all paid projects. < / P > < p > players not only have access to steam’s historical data (the total value of paid items has more than doubled since 2017), but they can also see how much the total value has been reduced during promotions. The grey line in the data table is the original price, and the blue line is the discount price. Some big troughs are usually started by steam’s large-scale promotion activities, such as summer promotion or holiday promotion. With the introduction of new games and promotion activities, the total value will change constantly. < / P > < p > so far, the discounted price of all steam’s games is $521909.63 (about RMB 3.56 million), while the original price is $537192.37 (about RMB 3.67 million). These data were updated one hour ago and were taken from the US area in English. This is different from the price of the country. Of course, many local players spend more than this amount in some online games. More Samsung devices can now run Android applications on PC through your phone