If you take the recent lowest retail price of a certain East as an example, the lowest shipment price of 128GB iPhone 11 is 4799 yuan, while the official website of 128GB iPhone 12 and the selling price of Yidong are both 6799 yuan. The price of iPhone 12 has increased by 2000 yuan. Where is apple confident? < / P > < p > in fact, at the launch of the iPhone 12, apple already gave the answer: “while our competitors are still catching up with our chip level last year, we are still several generations ahead.” Indeed, in terms of chip performance, Apple’s independently designed series of processors have been in a leading position in terms of performance, which is beyond the reach of other competitors. < / P > < p > especially in the iPhone 12 era, apple not only introduced the A14 chip with 5nm process technology for mass production in the global industry for the first time, but also made up for the last short board of 5g deficiency. It seems that it is very difficult for such iPhone 12 to be popular. And it is this 5nm process A14 bionic processor that gives apple more confidence to “raise the price” because it is too strong. How strong is A14? At present, the performance score of Apple A14 bionic processor has been exposed. The single core performance of geekbench 5 is up to 1597, and multi-core can reach 4152 points. The numbers alone may not be intuitive. Overall, the A13 processor used by the intersecting iPhone 11 improves by 20-25%. < / P > < p > then what are the levels of the top processors of our friends? As a direct comparison, the geekbench 5 single core performance of Huawei’s Kirin 9000 is about 1000 points. In terms of performance, Apple’s iPhone has been the leader in recent years, followed by Qualcomm snapdragon, followed by Huawei Qilin. < p > < p > before that, the test results of Xiaolong 875 were also exposed. Samsung Galaxy S21 scored 1159 in single core and 4090 in multi-core, while Xiaomi 11 scored 1102 in single core and 4113 in multi-core. Compared with the mainstream chips currently on sale, the average score of snapdragon 865 plus in geekbench 5 is about 980 for single core and 3300 for multi-core. < / P > < p > although Apple’s ability in chip design and the performance of its A-Series chips have made many friends like Qualcomm and Huawei silent, apple, as a technology start-up company, has a weak accumulation in the field of communication, which leads to the purchase of 5g tie-in chips from Qualcomm, which is also the iPhone An important reason for the price increase. Awesome mobile phone game player drool with envy.

has to say that the iPhone 12 5nm chip is really powerful enough to make A14 players salivate. But in today’s mobile phone performance saturation theory prevails, and compared with the same capacity of iPhone 11 as high as 2000 yuan, also make some users do not go. The price difference of two thousand is enough to buy a good mobile phone. The cheap price of iPhone 11 may be that Apple has no confidence in 5g, but the iPhone 12 finally makes Apple proud and confident to raise the price. Even the charger and headset are not available. This is arrogant apple! Global Tech