“Go ahead, the last one!” With the voice of the anchor with goods, this year’s “double 11” set off the first wave of shopping climax. Buy it! Buy it! Buy it! In front of the screen, hundreds of millions of consumers race against the clock to “chop hands”. In less than two hours, the trading volume of nearly 100 brands exceeded 100 million yuan. At the same time, new stem “tail money person” swept across the major social platforms. The so-called “balance payer” comes from the pre-sale activities of the e-commerce platform, which refers to the consumers who pay the deposit, participate in the pre-sale activities, and then need to pay the balance. In the happy air, many “balance payers” have become “consignees” this year. In the early morning of November 1, in Mohe, Heilongjiang Province, China’s northernmost city, Ms. Rong received her lipstick reservation six minutes after she paid the balance. More netizens print pictures, pay the final payment less than 1 minute, express into the express cabinet Express delivery speed, netizens can not help feeling that “it’s just a neighbor to send their own goods”, “express delivery is faster than take out”. < / P > < p > “order in the morning and receive the goods in the morning.” Why is the express delivery so fast this year? Among them, the deposit pre-sale is very important. Huang Wei, general manager of domestic supply chain of rookie network, said that after consumers paid down payment, express enterprises would make warehouse scheduling according to big data analysis. This year, it is the first time that pre-sale orders will be settled to distribution outlets and communities in advance. After the buyer has paid the balance, the “last mile” delivery will be started. Minute delivery has become a common phenomenon. < / P > < p > the deposit pre-sale mode is not new. This year, some e-commerce platforms have advanced the pre-sale activities of “double-11” to October 21. In addition to the publicity of anchor with goods, statistics show that “deposit pre-sale” has become a hot topic next to “live broadcast activities”, and has derived new network channels such as “depositors” and “staged people”. < / P > < p > “the pre-sale mode is win-win for consumers and businesses.” Xu Guangjian, a professor at the school of public administration at Renmin University of China, believes that consumers can lock in the hot money in advance through pre-sale activities, and can also enjoy the “deposit inflation” and “down payment reduction”. For businesses, pre-sale activities can help them to carry out planned production and warehousing, reduce enterprise costs, etc. “pre-sale activities can create a more stable consumption environment and help buyers and sellers make rational choices.” However, at the same time, “is it reasonable for a refund to be made only after the balance is paid?”, “if you want to refund, you find that you have delivered the goods.” “the deposit cannot be refunded” The dispute about the deposit pre-sale has been on the hot search. Zhao Hu, a lawyer from Beijing Zhongwen law firm, said that according to the law, if consumers do not pay the balance within the specified time after paying the deposit, the deposit will not be refunded. At the same time, the law also stipulates that, in addition to some special commodities, consumers can return goods without reason within 7 days when they purchase goods on e-commerce platforms, and businesses need to return all the price, including deposit. < / P > < p > “consumers can return the deposit by applying for a 7-day no reason return.” Zhao Hu believes that consumers can not refund deposit, but can return, which is easy to cause a waste of express resources and business operation resources. If online shopping platform can open refund application in time, it can effectively avoid the occurrence of similar situation. < / P > < p > in view of pre-sale activities, China Consumer Association and local consumer associations have successively issued consumption tips: when consumers participate in pre-sale activities, they must confirm their consumption demand before placing an order, and do not rush to pay deposit due to promotion preference; after the deposit is paid, timely attention should be paid to the progress of products, and the balance should be paid within the agreed period to avoid economic losses due to breach of contract When paying the balance, we should pay attention to whether the amount of payment is consistent with the discount promised at that time, and whether there is false publicity in the business. Global Tech