“The longest in history” and “double 11” came to an end, and the live delivery from the beginning of the year to the end of the year also participated in the “Carnival”. According to the “tmall battle news”, from November 1 to 12 noon on November 11, 28 live broadcasting rooms with transactions of over 100 million yuan were born. At the same time, China Consumer Association pointed out that live delivery was one of the main aspects of consumption negative information during the “double 11” promotion activities. Where will the live delivery with goods under the threat of traffic and doubt go? < / P > < p > in the recent “double 11” live delivery activity, a woman yelled loudly in the live room of a live broadcasting platform, trying to stop the male anchor’s “price reduction and tipping” behavior. The male anchor said that he had “sold 99 million yuan” and “roared” that “in order to break a billion yuan, paste it!” < / P > < p > when the male anchor lowered the “counter price of 1599 (yuan)” necklace with a real diamond to “98 yuan”, the woman pushed and pushed the male anchor, while dropping the microphone, and asked the other party loudly, “how much have you pasted since the beginning?” < / P > < p > then, in the live broadcasting room, the dynamic music sounded, and several staff members and the anchor yelled “98 yuan”. The sales volume of the staff quickly increased from “1500 orders” to “3500 orders”. < / P > < p > this scene was nicknamed “Oscar level performance” by netizens. A netizen left a message saying that he had seen the live broadcast of the male anchor several times, “it’s all this routine”, that is, “the brand side gives a price, he agrees, and then he suddenly gives a super low price to directly put the link, and then the brand side is not happy and quarrels in the live room.” < / P > < p > on November 23, the reporter searched Taobao for keywords such as “live broadcast with goods” and “script”, and found a “anchor with goods The course contents shown in the product details include “several hundred scripts necessary for anchor foundation”, “specific cases of topics with goods”, etc. < / P > < p > the reporter photographed the product with 58 yuan and added “teacher” wechat to inquire about the script of live delivery. “Teacher” introduced the scripts of “step price reduction” and “misbid price”. < / P > < p > “deliberately marking the wrong price is to leave some loopholes to the customers, so that the customers think they are taking advantage of the small advantage.” “Teacher” further introduced: for example, if the price of goods in a live broadcasting room is 190 yuan, the anchor can deliberately put on the 10 yuan coupon, and then say that it is misplaced, so that customers can buy the goods only with 180 yuan under the price expectation of 190 yuan, so as to improve the conversion rate (the ratio of the number of buyers to the number of viewers). For example, two pieces were sent by mistake. All in all, all kinds of mistakes, all kinds of unexpected situations, all kinds of strange things. ” In addition, the “teacher” also suggested that some robots could be arranged in the live broadcasting room. < / P > < p > “the data traffic is true or false, and the popularity of live broadcast is” seeing flowers in the fog. ” “The counterfeiting of” influence “indicators such as the number of viewers bragging and the” water injection “of sales data has formed an industrial chain < p > < p > on November 20, the China Consumer Association issued the “double 11” consumer rights protection public opinion analysis report (hereinafter referred to as the “report”) pointed out that through the analysis of online big data public opinion on the relevant consumption rights protection situation from October 20 to November 15, it was found that the negative consumption information during the “double 11” sales promotion activities this year mainly focused on two aspects: live delivery with goods and unreasonable rules. < / P > < p > < p > the report points out that the “slot points” of live broadcasting with goods mainly focus on the suspected fraud of bill swiping, low satisfaction of after-sales service and poor experience. It also points out the suspected data fraud of Wang Han and Li Xueqin’s live delivery, and Li Jiaqi’s “no change after purchase” cases. < / P > < p > it is not new to talk about the doubts about the data such as the popularity of goods carried by live broadcast. People’s direct attack has paid attention to relevant issues many times before. In July, the reporter measured some live broadcasting platforms with goods and found that 95 yuan could buy “10000 people watching”. In less than one minute, the number of watching in the live broadcasting room increased from more than 4000 to more than 10000. In addition, some businesses provide self-service “brush volume” tools, claiming to provide services such as “interaction between live broadcast rooms, adding fan groups, and viewing small yellow cars”. < / P > < p > recently, the reporter searched Taobao once again for keywords such as “live broadcast rising powder”, and found that the popularity of live broadcast and the like are still available for sale. The lowest bidder said that 30 yuan could buy 10000 people. There are also businesses that say that now small quantities of (orders) are queuing up, “too many people do it.” < / P > < p > “real machine interaction, automatic like, automatic reply…” The reporter previously joined the live QQ group of selling goods, there are still similar advertisements from time to time. < p > < p > in view of the problem of volume fraud in live delivery, the code of conduct for online live marketing, which was implemented on July 1, points out that the marketing subject of webcast shall not make up or tamper with the transaction data and user evaluation by means of flow counterfeiting such as Bill swiping and letter speculation, and shall not conduct false or misleading commercial propaganda to deceive or mislead consumers. < p > < p > on November 13, regulations on the management of internet live marketing information content service (Draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as “draft for Soliciting Opinions”) was released. The draft clearly states that operators of live broadcasting rooms and marketing personnel of live broadcasting marketing are not allowed to make up or tamper with the data flow falsification such as attention, browsing, likes and transactions. < / P > < p > the down jacket snatched from Li Jiaqi’s live studio with great efforts, thought it was the “lowest price”. After paying a deposit, someone bought the same one at Taobao’s official flagship store for less than 300 yuan? During this period, there are more than one consumer encounter. On November 23, the reporter searched the black cat complaint platform and found that 162 consumers had launched a collective complaint to guess China, saying that it had “false publicity and failed to fulfill the price guarantee promise”, and the collective handling rate was 0%. What makes consumers more depressed is that the online shopping rights protection after multiple complaints has a long way to go. < p > < p > < p > before the “double 11”, Chen Xiaotong in Anhui had a guess brand down jacket on the live broadcast notice list, “but I forgot the live broadcast time of that day, and when I went in, the down jacket had sold almost.” she told reporters that the best way to do this was to “refresh the link crazily”. < / P > < p > “because there are often people who don’t pay for it.” after about half an hour, Chen Xiaotong finally got the size and color he wanted. “I immediately paid a deposit of 150 yuan.” < p > < p > Chen Xiaotong said that night, the official flagship store of guess also carried out live broadcasting at the same time, “I also went to see it, because they (models) tried more styles, but the price was higher. The shop anchor also said that the 899 yuan for Li Jiaqi’s live room was the” lowest price. ” After paying more than 700 yuan on November 1, Chen Xiaotong found that some netizens said that they only spent more than 500 yuan to buy the same down jacket in the “little red book” app. “It turns out that their (guess) store issued large consumption coupons in another live broadcast later, with a total of 2000 yuan minus 1000 yuan. Many people went in to get the coupons and buy them.” < / P > < p > on November 3 and 4, Chen Xiaotong launched complaints to the official flagship store customer service of guess and the customer service of Li Jiaqi’s live studio. The former responded: “due to the different time periods, the intensity of the activities is also different. The exclusive coupons for live broadcast 2000-1000 are limited in time, which requires you to rush and meet the threshold of using coupons”; the latter sends her a link, saying that if you encounter product after-sales problems, you can register and fill in the website, and then feedback will be given. < / P > < p > on the “little red book” app, the reporter searched with “guess” as the keyword, and found dozens of relevant contents, including several netizens’ sending articles to share the successful process of safeguarding their rights. < p > < p > some netizens said that the down jacket purchase interface provided “full price protection” for them from November 1 to 26. According to Taobao platform customer service, during the price guarantee period, when the total order price of the same commodity purchased by the same merchant is lower than the total price of the order successfully concluded during the activity period (November 1-November 11), according to the rules, consumers can apply for reimbursement of the amount equivalent to the difference, and the system will calculate the difference according to the price protection rules. < / P > < p > in addition, some netizens complained that when looking for a business to refund the price difference, the other party refused to pay for the price difference on the grounds of issuing coupons. After releasing the live video recorded by the merchant, the merchant said that he wanted to verify the video, “after checking for a day, (as a result), the playback video of that day was deleted and the evidence was destroyed.” < / P > < p > the reporter found that @ guess China once released a link of “live broadcasting” on October 25. On November 23, when the reporter inquired about the live playback list of guess Taobao, no live video on October 25 was found. < / P > < p > why is there no live broadcast on October 25 in the live playback list? Does the presenter of guess make the promotion that Li Jiaqi’s live room is the “lowest price”? Why can’t consumers return price difference through price protection service? The reporter consulted the official flagship store customer service of Taobao guess on November 23. < / P > < p > the other party replied: “Jiaqi live room belongs to the exclusive welfare of a single product brought by the store and Jiaqi. The president’s live coupon is a limited benefit of lucky draw nature that we give to guess fans. The quantity is very small, and the coupon needs to meet the transaction threshold of 2000 yuan before it can be used. Therefore, the shop does not support handling the price difference for you temporarily.” According to the draft, the live marketing platform should record and save the live content for no less than 60 days, and provide the live content review function. < / P > < p > the reporter further asked whether the coupon distribution data could be made public? Why do some consumers succeed in refund and some fail? The other party said that the problem had been recorded and full-time personnel would be contacted later. Up to the time of publication, the reporter has not received the relevant reply. On the morning of November 24, the reporter sent a private message @ Li Jiaqi Austin on Weibo and applied to add his business wechat, but no reply was received. < / P > < p > at 8:44 p.m. @ Li Jiaqi’s official microblog released “feedback on guess’s after-sales problems”, saying that the platform activity registration price of guess down jacket pre-sale on October 25 during the “double 11” period was 1499 yuan, and the exclusive price of Jiaqi live broadcasting room was 899 yuan. In the live broadcast of “President’s driving to the store” on November 1, guess issued 1000 general store coupons with a full 2000 yuan minus 1000 yuan. < p > < p > < p > “feedback” said that when guss issued coupons, it set a threshold of 2000 yuan for coupons, “originally excluding the same product in Jiaqi live room, but it was not considered thoroughly due to lack of experience. As a result, a small number of consumers who have drawn the coupons have bought the same down jacket by way of collecting bills, resulting in the understanding of “breaking the price.” In addition, both parties mentioned that the discount coupon of < gqi < 300 in the store had been accepted by both parties on the 10th of the month. < / P > < p > there was no live record on October 25 in the live playback list of guess stores, and whether the anchor made “the lowest price” publicity at that time, neither side mentioned in the above-mentioned response. Lu Yun, director of the consumer rights and interests legal committee of the Beijing Lawyers Association, pointed out that if, as consumers said, the anchor made a “minimum price” publicity, and then there was a lower price, it would be suspected of fraud