“Hua piggy is very popular recently. When I sit in Didi, the driver will always be Amway.” One day in early August, Zhang Hui went out with didi and called an express train. After getting on the bus, she saw an advertisement hanging on the seat of the co driver, “there is a little pig taxi written on it, and there is a two-dimensional code”. The driver asked her from time to time, “have you used huapiggy?” Zhang Hui then understood, “the original flower pig this taxi software, is didi home, but it is cheaper.” < p > < p > with didi on its back, huaxiaozhu is a new travel brand, but from the perspective of its red envelope social fission playing method, brand marketing diversion and other expansion paths, it seems to be a strategic pawn for didi to occupy the sinking market and obtain the second curve growth. < p > < p > according to the official microblog of Qingdao Transportation Bureau, the reporter pointed out that “huaxiaozhu platform is suspected of violating the regulations” in an article published on August 18, saying that huaxiaozhu did not obtain business license in Qingdao and engaged in online car Hailing business activities in disguised form. According to the relevant provisions, it will be fined between 10000 yuan and 30000 yuan. < / P > < p > in the interview, the reporter learned that the vehicles and drivers on the platform were strictly investigated in many cities where the little pig landed. A little pig driver in Linyi said, “check everything. People’s ID and car license.” < / P > < p > according to the driver’s master, although Hua Xiaozhu’s later registration threshold was strictly required to be “Didi’s online car Hailing driver, before he could be registered as a huaxiaozhu driver”, many people who had initially registered were not in a complete state in the “double certificates” of online car Hailing transportation license and online car Hailing driving license. It was after watching the TV news that Xu Ting realized that, more than ten days ago, before she received the red envelope for taking a taxi from huaxiaozhu, Nanjing city found out that many huaxiaozhu vehicles were carried by “unlicensed”. To this end, Nanjing transportation comprehensive administrative law enforcement and Supervision Bureau confirmed that the “huaxiaozhu taxi” platform was suspected of sending orders to unqualified vehicles and personnel, and on August 19, it mailed huaxiaozhu’s operator a notice of accepting investigation within a time limit, and sent a notification letter to didi travel, reminding them to fulfill the corresponding corporate entity responsibilities. < p > < p > according to the Nanjing comprehensive traffic law enforcement department, the legal representative or authorized staff of the above-mentioned operators and enterprises are required to go to Nanjing comprehensive traffic law enforcement bureau for investigation within 3 working days after receiving the notice, We also submitted the registration information of relevant vehicles and drivers, as well as the relevant operation data such as orders and transactions during the period. However, as of August 27, no reply was received from huaxiaozhu and didi. < / P > < p > different from Nanjing, the transportation department of Shenzhen directly determined that huaxiaozhu could not share the online car Hailing qualification with didi travel, while huaxiaozhu did not obtain the local online car Hailing business license, and directly ordered it to stop the online car Hailing business, and could not operate online before obtaining the license. < p > < p > the reporter of economic observation network learned that the operation subject and operation qualification of Huazhu have become the key problems of being investigated, interviewed and even stopped in many cities. On the issue of compliance, the reporter interviewed didi and huaxiaozhu, and finally got the response: “as a new brand of Didi, huaxiaozhu operates under the operation qualification owned by Didi.” < / P > < p > can didi share the same online car Hailing qualification with Hua Xiaozhu? Zhao Zhancheng, a lawyer of Beijing Zhilin law firm, pointed out that the key is to see the main body of operation. < p > < p > as early as July, huaxiaozhu was interviewed by the transportation authorities of Tianjin and Yantai city of Shandong Province due to the problems of enterprise operation qualification and suspected illegal publicity in early stage activities, and asked to postpone its national online operation plan. < p > < p > at that time, according to the notice issued by Tianjin Road Transportation Bureau, the relevant person in charge of huaxiaozhu platform was admitted during the interview that huaxiaozhu platform had not been declared with the local competent authorities, and data docking and other work had not been carried out. At the same time, it was also mentioned that huaxiaozhu platform was indeed invested by Beijing hongyibo company. After the acquisition of Liaoning Tutu car Hailing Operation Service Co., Ltd., the app was renamed “huaxiaozhu”. < p > < p > during the investigation and interview with Hua Xiaozhu at the end of July, through the enterprise information query platform qixinbao, the reporter learned that the trademark of huaxiaozhu was registered by Beijing hongyibo Technology Co., Ltd., which was established in April 2019, although the legal representative and shareholder are Zhao Yibo, who is the vice president of Didi. < p > < p > according to an insider of Didi, the person in charge of huaxiaozhu is sun Shu, the former vice president of didi and regional general manager of online car Hailing. Sun Shu reports directly to the founder of Didi, Cheng Wei. However, due to the fact that huaxiaozhu has not been changed by industry and commerce, it is normal to have doubts about its qualification. < / P > < p > until August 7, the reporter saw that huaxiaozhu Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established and 100% controlled by didi travel, with a registered capital of 50 million. For the relationship between didi and Hua Xiaozhu, Zhu Yicong, a lawyer from Beijing Yingke (Shenzhen) law firm, believes that this is a common method in modern company control system. < / P > < p > “split part of the core resources of the parent company and set up another company. As long as the founder controls this core resource, he controls the whole company.” Zhu Yicong, for example, Alibaba split Alipay business in the year, and then established ant gold clothing. But from the information disclosed in the recent process of ant group listing, Ma Yun, founder of Alibaba, has been controlling the ant group. In his view, Didi’s approach is “the same as the same”. < / P > < p > the reporter learned in the previous interview that didi had split up a team to develop huaxiaozhu as early as last year. Now, the person in charge of the brand and the relevant personnel of operation, customer service and product promotion are all from Didi. < / P > < p > in Zhao’s opinion, “huaxiaozhu is indeed operated by Didi, and its qualification is no problem.” However, from the current situation, in addition to checking huaxiaozhu’s online car Hailing operation qualification, the local traffic management departments are increasing the supervision and management of drivers and vehicles on the platform. < p > < p > since mid August, not only the third tier cities, but also the first tier and second tier cities, including Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Nanjing, have been targeted by huaxiaozhu. < / P > < p > despite the coverage of didi travel, Caocao special car, Shouqi car hailing and even local mobile travel in the above-mentioned cities, huaxiaozhu, carrying the banner of “10 billion subsidies”, has gained growth by targeting price sensitive users like Xu Ting. On the morning of August 26, Cheng Wei sent out a circle of friends to record Didi’s global daily order volume, which reached 50 million on the previous day’s “Chinese Valentine’s Day”, which is a big step closer to the three-year goal of “100 million person times a day” in the “0188” strategy put forward at the beginning of the year. “The growth of travel data reflects the recovery of consumption and economic recovery,” Cheng wrote. < / P > < p > some people close to didi told reporters that didi has been more eager to find the second growth curve since this year. No doubt, in the field of shared travel, in addition to the promotion of existing business, Didi also pinned its hope on Hua Xiaozhu, trying to open up the sinking market and bring increment. < / P > < p > Didi, who won the competition in the online car Hailing market that year, knew that the way to quickly grab the market was subsidies. Huaxiaozhu’s new social fission and other playing methods have learned from the successful experience of pinduoduo, which has risen rapidly in the sinking market, and then entered the market and expanded the city in a “short and easy” manner. < / P > < p > many drivers and passengers felt that “they saw the shadow of didi in the past year on its body (huapiggy)” That Didi’s growth experience is undoubtedly a lesson for the little pig who opened up the sinking market. < / P > < p > “we hope that with the help and guidance of the competent authorities, we will continue to make efforts to provide users with safe, convenient and affordable mobile travel services.” Judging from the official response, Hua piggy knows that safety and compliance also determine its fate, as if it were the sword of Damocles hanging over its head. However, according to a further interview on August 28, the reporter learned that in Qingdao and Nanjing, where huaxiaozhu was suspected of illegal operation, and even Shenzhen, where huaxiaozhu had already been ordered to stop operation, many interviewees said that they could still log on to huaxiaozhu taxi platform normally and enjoy the online car Hailing service provided by it Global Tech