Huaqing has launched a three fan graphics card, which is based on AMD’s advanced 7Nm rDNA architecture. It has a new computing unit and is optimized for better visual effects, such as volume lighting, blur effect, depth of field and multi-level cache hierarchy, so as to reduce delay and high response games.

the AMD radon RX 5700 XT Series provides frame rates of 60 FPS for ultra sensitive high fidelity AAA quality games at 1080p resolution and up to 90 FPS when playing video games.

SINOSTAR RX 5700 XT Challenger Pro 8g OC adopts a new style of three fan radiator, special laser engraving and concentric circle polishing on the fan label. The metal back plate enhances the strength of the product and makes the overall appearance of the card more complete. It contains three 8cm fans and supports 0dB silent cooling technology, which can guide the fan to stop rotating when the temperature of the video card is low, thus providing a quieter environment. The radiator contains a larger heat sink, and its surface area is significantly increased, thus providing an effective heat dissipation potential.