Huaqing and thunder snake are going to announce two high-end Razer edition motherboards for AMD ryzen 5000 series processors, which are respectively based on AMD’s b550 and x570 chipsets. They will provide all the high-end functions supported by Huaqing Taiji motherboard, and will also use thunder snake’s proprietary Razer chroma RGB light. Intel platform has no news yet. < / P > < p > these two motherboards will have all the features and functions of the flagship platform provided by Huaqing for AMD’s AM4 CPU, including 16 phase voltage stabilizing module (VRM) using solid-state inductors and capacitors; advanced DDR4 signal and power supply circuit, providing impressive overclocking effect (up to ddr4-5200 on b550); enhanced heat dissipation for components; sufficient interfaces of various types. The main difference between Huaqing’s b550 Taiji / x570 Taiji motherboard and Razer editions is that the latter supports Razer chroma RGB lighting. < / P > < p > in recent years, RGB light has become a standard for game players. This function is very easy to implement, at the same time, through the setting can make your host become unique, this is a lot of game players are very happy to toss. However, because the five main board manufacturers have different ways to achieve ARGB control, they compete with each other for their own ARGB synchronization technology. As a big factory of peripherals, thunder snake is also a famous “lamp factory”. Because it does not produce and sell motherboards and graphics cards, it has to use its own way to realize the function of ARGB, which is Razer chroma RGB. < / P > < p > since it’s about lights, thunder snake “light factory” certainly can’t ignore those users who want Razer chroma RGB peripherals to be used together with host accessories to achieve synchronous RGB effect. To this end, thunder snake decided to cooperate with Huaqing, because Huaqing is the only big motherboard factory that does not produce its own peripherals, so it will not directly compete with thunder snake in these fields. < / P > < p > this is not the first time that thunder snake has cooperated with a third party to build Razer edition products. Previously, it cooperated with humanscale to launch a series of peripheral products focusing on productivity. Global Tech