At the online press conference of Huawei’s full range of ultra-high-density modular UPS, the new generation of medium and large UPS5000-H full range of products was officially released.

UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply, which is mainly used to provide uninterruptible power supply to some equipment that requires high power stability.

Huawei stated that this series is equipped with 100kVA/3U ultra-high-density hot-swappable power modules and is the industry’s first UPS product to achieve “one cabinet, one megawatt”. Huawei’s 100kW UPS power module has been innovatively designed in terms of volume, heat consumption, and heat dissipation.

In addition, in terms of heat consumption, Huawei uses a three-level interleaved parallel topology, advanced device optimization and digital control technology to reduce losses. In terms of heat dissipation, through the ultimate design and layout of the system and components, a super heat dissipation capacity is achieved, which can work at 40°C for a long time and increase the heat dissipation capacity by 50%.