Changjiang storage recently launched its own brand of SSD hard disk of Zhiti technology, with SATA and m.2 interface covering the mainstream of the market, which also means that the market layout of Changjiang storage’s flash memory is further. The main R & D and production of flash memory is inseparable from the cooperation with the main control manufacturer. In this regard, Changjiang storage has been supported by qunlian, Huirong, Lianyun, Memcore and other domestic and foreign manufacturers. < p > < p > today, Huirong technology and Changjiang storage jointly announced that its flash master has fully supported the xtacking 3D NAND flash memory of Changjiang storage, including the 128 layer QLC flash memory only announced in April this year. < / P > < p > xtacking flash memory is a 3D flash memory architecture developed by Changjiang storage. It started research and development in 2014 and finally succeeded in 2018. < / P > < p > compared with the traditional flash memory, xtacking can process the circuits responsible for I / O transmission and memory unit separately on two independent wafers, and the wafers are bonded by the mature xtacking process, and are combined into one. < / P > < p > this architecture can bring more advanced manufacturing process and reduce the complexity of manufacturing process, so that NAND can obtain higher I / O transmission speed, higher density and smaller chip area. < / P > < p > in the first generation of xtacking architecture currently in use, the IO speed can reach 800Mbps, which is twice the industry level, and the storage density is five times that of the industry level. Global Tech