Yesterday, an article entitled “takeaway rider, trapped in the system” was swiped in the circle of friends. The article revealed that the algorithm of the takeout platform squeezed the riders, which caused netizens to denounce the unreasonable distribution of orders on the platform. The article points out that under the pressure of the system, takeout riders are suffering from multiple problems, such as unreasonable delivery time, retrograde route planning, slow meal delivery, high overtime fine and so on. In order to avoid being delisted by the system and affect the site data, the riders have to choose to take risks. They violate traffic regulations and race with death every day. Takeout has become a high-risk occupation. < / P > < p > the real data also support this conclusion: in the first half of 2017, the data of Traffic Police Corps of Shanghai Public Security Bureau showed that in Shanghai, on average, there was one take away rider injured and killed every 2.5 days. In September 2018, Guangzhou traffic police investigated and dealt with nearly 2000 traffic violations of takeaway riders, half of which were meituan, ranking second. < / P > < p > 1 am on the 9th Point, hungry? Announced through the official microblog: it will launch a new function “wait 5 minutes / 10 minutes” button as soon as possible, which will provide red packets or peas and other rights and interests for consumers who press the button. On the evening of the 9th, meituan issued a public statement saying that the scheduling system will allow 8 minutes of flexible time for riders, and upgrade the riders’ appeal function, especially due to bad weather and accidents After verification, the overtime and complaint will not affect the rider’s assessment and income. Would you like to give me five more minutes? 》In its statement, hungry Mo said that it will release two new functions in the near future: one is to add an autonomous small button “willing to wait 5 minutes / 10 minutes” when settling the payment; the other is to provide “overtime exemption” rights for individual orders with good credit history and good service. In this regard, according to the surging news, Ms. Wu, who often orders takeaway, said that if the weather is bad, or if it is a new year’s festival, she will consider waiting for 5 minutes, but not at other times. Ms. Wu said that the average delivery fee for a single take out is 5 yuan. “I paid for it, but the platform was not willing to give in. It gave employees more time, but asked consumers to pay for it. This is unreasonable.”. < / P > < p > also on Zhihu platform, the top four responses with support rate expressed doubts. They said that the platform did not mention the pressure brought by the order distribution system to riders, but transferred the responsibility to consumers, which was “moral kidnapping” users. < / P > < p > among them, some close friends use the metaphor of “Shi Chong chopping the beauty to persuade wine”. They think that the takeout rider is “beauty”, hungry is “Shichong”, and the user is the “guest” who seems to have the power to decide but is actually grilled on the fire. < / P > < p > hungry? If you say that your customers can use the “five minute function” to save the takeaway rider, you have to use it if you want to agree, otherwise “beauty” will be “chopped” at that time, it will be your fault. < / P > < p > the most important thing is that many people worry that this function can not fundamentally solve the problem. If the platform is unreasonable, the occupation status of “high-risk” riders will not be improved. < p > < p > it is worth mentioning that on the afternoon of September 9, Shanghai Municipal Consumer Protection Commission reported the consumption evaluation of online fresh food platforms. Tang Jiansheng, deputy secretary general, analyzed that: the statement of hungry is actually logically problematic. < p > < p > it says that the relationship between takeaway riders and enterprises, and the relevant rules are also determined by enterprises, that is, the platform. Consumers place orders on the platform, and business behavior is also generated for the platform. < / P > < p > “therefore, in this case, it is obviously against the basic logic for you to take the fault of the takeaway rider, his violation of the rules, hitting people, wearing red lights, and so on, which is obviously against the basic logic.” However, many people think that this change is very human. If you wait 5 minutes more, you can make the takeout obey the traffic rules, it is also worth it. Some netizens left messages with sympathy for the riders, and expressed their sympathy to the riders after “heartache”. They said that they were willing to give the riders more time to be tolerant, and hoped that the platform could do the same. < p > < p > yesterday, meituan, who had “no response” for the time being, originally planned to hold a communication meeting on takeout business next week, but also came up with a solution urgently this evening. Fortunately, meituan’s takeout did not transfer the contradiction to users, but changed its own system. < p > < p > meituan takeaway says that if it is not done well, there is no excuse. The problems of the system need to be solved by the people behind the system, and the system will be better optimized: < / P > < p > at the same time, the rider’s appeal function will be upgraded, and the rider’s assessment and income will not be affected after verification of overtime and complaints due to bad weather and accidents In terms of safety guarantee, meituan takeout will spare no effort to increase production capacity and strengthen the technical team of distribution security, focusing on how to ensure safety through technologies and algorithms. < / P > < p > in view of the difficulties in entering and finding roads in special places such as office buildings and hospitals, meituan takeout also gives the direction it is striving for“ In these places, we are working hard to lay out intelligent dining cabinets to make the last kilometer delivery more convenient for riders. < p > < p > according to, users “Xingjing and Xingqing” who have been takeout workers have come to say that the “responsibility” of takeout workers to become high-risk occupations lies in the system. < / P > < p > the algorithm seems to be optimized after precise calculation, but the problem is that the person who wrote the calculation method has not delivered the takeout, and the route recommended by the system often has many loopholes without considering the vehicle and road direction. This kind of design which is divorced from reality is the irresponsible performance of the algorithm designer and the upper level. < / P > < p > of course, many takeout workers support the new function. According to the surging news, Wang Yao, a takeaway man, said that as a rider, he supports the function of “waiting for 5 minutes and 10 minutes”, which will guarantee the personal safety of the rider. Wang Yao said that he always put safety in the first place when sending orders, and the company also stressed that. < / P > < p > a takeaway attendant who did not want to be named also said that he supported the “wait for 5 minutes” function, which could make the delivery pressure of takeout riders less. “If you don’t run the red light, it will time out, which will affect our data.” The takeaway man, who did not want to be named, admitted that he had been in the takeout industry for three years, and he did not want to run the red light at risk. However, he made hard money by sending him out in the wind and rain. He could choose one from the other to run the red light. < p > < p > < p > the above-mentioned takeout workers also said that if the monthly order quantity exceeds 700, the monthly full attendance is 28 days, and the delivery of one order generally earns 7 yuan. But if it goes out of time, half the money will be deducted from that order. Zhao Jintao, a Beijing Zhongwen law firm, told radar finance that the state should strengthen the supervision of employment under the Internet and clarify the nature of employment and the subject of responsibility legally. For example, it is required that a written labor contract must be signed for platform recruitment of takeaway personnel, or that outsourcing companies must sign a written contract with takeaway personnel when using outsourcing platform, so as to effectively protect takeaway people The legitimate rights and interests of members. In the absence of specific provisions at present, employers can be required to bear corresponding responsibilities as long as they are injured in the process of providing services, regardless of whether they belong to labor relations or not. Sun Ping, an expert from the Academy of Social Sciences, said in the Tencent News client that “the developers of the algorithm are not only from the platform, but also from the computing scientists, programmers and architects, but also include workers, social organizations, platform participants, government and social scientists. A benign and negotiated mechanism of algorithm participation and cooperation can help us to overcome the “algorithm black box” to a certain extent, and it is also a more warm and rational witness to the coming “algorithm society”

according to WeChat’s official account, China’s Research Institute of Fudan University, Sha ye, the innovation drive of Internet + algorithm has not changed. People who lack opportunities under the two way structure of urban and rural areas are being ruthlessly exploited in the environment of capital profits. The reason why the algorithm is so cold is that it turns each worker into a number in the system. If there is an accident, you can only be responsible for it. Even the last warmth of the traditional labor relations is deprived. < / P > < p > while the value of takeout is completely squeezed, all the additional costs are borne by the society. Every year, tens of thousands of traffic accident casualties and the lack of social security for takeaway workers are ultimately borne by the society. The benefits are left to the enterprise, but the cost is thrown to the society. < p > < p > Shaye asked, if the responsibility of enterprises in labor relations can be avoided simply through formal outsourcing, can the same form be extended to all employees? Is it possible for every enterprise to treat all employees, regardless of the type of work? Or is it because these takeaway workers have no choice but to take it? If an accident occurs in the production line and it can be regarded as an industrial injury, the takeaway worker should be responsible for the traffic accident when he is forced out by the algorithm? < / P > < p > through algorithms, Internet giants have built a business empire worth hundreds of billions of dollars. Entrepreneurs can get takeaway attendants to the listing ceremony, but they won’t give them any more benefits. Therefore, in order to change the rules of the enterprise system, it is necessary to strengthen external supervision and make enterprises responsible for the safety and rights protection of takeaway riders, so that these workers who serve the society with blood and tears can also share the benefits due in the innovation era. Skip to content