Its highlight lies in its weight of 59 grams. It adopts the honeycomb design popular by many other brands. The company has drilled many hexagonal holes around it. It can be said that this is a feature worth mentioning. This style will be the next big event of PC game equipment. Hyperx’s new mouse proves their correctness. < / P > < p > hyperx’s new mouse thumb button caters to the needs of right-handed people, but the symmetrical design is suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people. Pulsefire haste has two main mouse buttons and a DPI switcher that is closer to your palm than the LED illuminated scroll wheel. When it comes to lighting, this might be a good match if you want a game mouse with just a little bit of character; you can even turn off the LED completely using the ngenouty desktop app (Windows 10 only). The braid is 1.8 meters long, about 6 feet long. < / P > < p > the mouse uses the pixarts paw3335 sensor with a sensitivity of 16000 DPI and a custom DPI preset that you can set in the above applications. The sensor can achieve the standard 1000Hz polling rate. The mechanical switch in each button of the mouse is TTC’s golden micro switch, and hyperx claims to have been tested with 60 million hits. < / P > < p > hyperx has a white PTFE skateboard at the bottom, which moves smoothly on the mouse pad. The package also includes a set of replacement PTFE skateboards and holding strap, which you can apply and customize. Onboard storage only supports one saved configuration file. Privacy Policy