In the early morning of this morning, with a lot of information exposed and the voice of “lack of innovation and aesthetic fatigue” on the Internet, Apple launched its first late 5g product, the iPhone 12 series. IDC believes that based on the current promotion speed of China’s 5g market and the strong appeal of Apple brand in China, the new iPhone is expected to inject new vitality into the relatively sluggish mobile phone market this year from two aspects of terminal and application, and continue to help the rapid development of domestic 5g market. < / P > < p > based on the IDC global smartphone tracking report, IDC predicts that in 2020, the global 5g mobile phone shipment will be about 240 million, and the contribution of China’s market will exceed 160 million, accounting for about 67.7%. In the next five years, China will continue to occupy about half of the global market share. < / P > < p > the core factors that China can lead the global 5g market include two points: first, compared with the global market, China’s 5g terminal price strategy is more radical; second, China’s coverage of the mainstream price segment of the user group is wider. According to IDC, the average unit price of 5g mobile phones in the international market in the second quarter was $837 (excluding tax basis, the same below), while that in China was only $464. < / P > < p > from the overall domestic market price trend of intelligent machine, the release of new iPhone will significantly promote the proportion of high-end market. Since 2019, with the rapid penetration of 5g mobile phones in the domestic market, the proportion of higher price segment mobile phones has also continued to grow. < / P > < p > if you pay attention to the market of iPhone 12 Series in the price range of more than $600, in the first half of 2020, the capacity of the domestic market at this price will be about 23.5 million, and apple can still stably occupy more than 40% of the market share through the brand appeal of 4G models. The iPhone 12 series will cover a price range of $699 to $1099, and the starting price of the mini version is the same as that of the previous generation 4G model. It is not only easy to be accepted by consumers in terms of pricing, but also has a more friendly grip on a large number of long-term users of iPhone 7 and 8 series, which is expected to stimulate the desire of some old users to change their phones. Therefore, apple is expected to increase its market share in this price segment. In addition, the driving force of 5g’s rapid development is also driven by the government and the industry as a whole. By the beginning of September, 480000 5g base stations and more than 100 million 5g terminals have been established in China. From the perspective of operator packages, although the entry price is higher, the data traffic under the same gear is also better than the existing 4G package. Therefore, through the driving role of high-end users, it is conducive to gradually penetrate the advantages of 5g into the long tail user group. < / P > < p > terminal equipment, network coverage and application scenarios are undoubtedly the three cores to drive the development of 5g industry. IDC believes that with Apple’s strong brand appeal, it will boost the penetration and popularization of 5g in China; at the same time, with the impact of the new crown epidemic, mobile office has become the new normal of enterprises, and with the boost of 5g network, mobile office in the future will also show more abundant landing applications. The application examples of Apple AR technology based on lidar and 5g network in construction, design and other related industries will also bring new ideas to the industry from the perspective of application scenarios. < / P > < p > IDC believes that the iPhone 12 series will have a resonant driving effect with the development of domestic 5g industry in terms of terminal devices and application scenarios. Global Tech