Not long ago, the Internet disclosed that the ideal one car suffered a broken axle door accident. Today, ideal automobile officially announced that it was only caused by the accident, not a quality problem. The test quality of ideal one exceeded that of Benz, BMW and other companies. The axle breaking wave of ideal one occurred on August 9, when an ideal one owner in Xiamen was involved in a car accident. The scene photos showed that the left front wheel had fallen off, and the shock absorber spring had also deformed and fallen off, “flying out” of the car, and there was liquid flowing out from under the vehicle.

before that, the ideal one car had a suspected axle breaking accident in Shanghai, so many netizens had doubts about the quality of the ideal one car.

ideal car said that the accident was caused by a serious collision. Field investigation, vehicle owner’s description and accident identification by traffic police have proved that the accident was caused by careless driving of users.

in addition, the ideal car also cites the evaluation of the car home. According to the milu test of the latter, the test result of ideal one still reaches 77 km / h when it is equipped with comfortable silent tires, which is better than that of Mercedes Benz GL s and BMW X5M, which fully proves the ability of the ideal one suspension system. Global Tech