Saturn is named after the ancient Greek gods, and its ring structure makes it have a king’s breath. Almost all of Saturn’s rings are made up of large and small pieces of ice, hundreds of thousands of kilometers in diameter. This is also one of the most fascinating features of Saturn. Since Galileo discovered them with his telescope in 1610, these rings, large and small, have been fascinating to mankind. < / P > < p > to answer this question, space and science fiction illustrator Ron Miller has created some amazing pictures of what the sky might look like if the earth had a ring structure in proportion to Saturn. < / P > < p > the most stable position of these rings will be a circle around the equator, so the appearance of the rings will change with latitude. For example, near the equator, you can only see the innermost part of the ring, like a thin line rising straight from the horizon. And around the Arctic Circle, the rings look like a peak above the horizon. In temperate regions, the rings are shaped like a huge arch, spanning from one end of the sky to the other. < / P > < p > these bright rings do not rise or fall like the sun, but stay in the same place in the sky forever. These huge landmarks can be seen day and night. < / P > < p > if the earth had rings, one thing would be very different from Saturn’s: there would be no ice in the earth’s rings. Because the earth is much closer to the sun than Saturn, even if there is ice in the rings, it will be melted by solar radiation. < / P > < p > however, even if the earth’s rings were all made of rock, they would not look black. Most of the lunar rocks are gray, and the moon’s surface reflects only about 12% of the light. But kareb Shaff, director of the Department of astrobiology at Columbia University, pointed out: “because there is a lot of light falling on the surface of the moon and the moon is very close to us, the full moon also looks very bright.” < / P > < p > how bright might the rings of the earth be? “The amount of sunlight that reaches the top of the earth’s atmosphere is about 1300 watts per square meter,” Schaff points out. “Even if the earth’s rings reflect only 10 percent of that light, the amount of light per square meter is equivalent to a 130 watt light bulb.” < p > < p > according to the University Alliance for Atmospheric Science Research (UCAR), if the earth has a ring, it can only touch the “hot layer” in the atmosphere recently, about 1000 km away from the ground. Commercial aircraft can only fly up to 11 kilometers, so the problem should not be big. (we’ll talk about satellites and space travel later.) In addition, the drag of the atmosphere will further pull objects that are too low, and the rocks will burn up as they fall. < / P > < p > Where can these rings extend? As soon as any object revolving around the earth is close to a certain degree (i.e. Roche limit), it will disintegrate under the action of the earth’s gravity and become a part of the earth’s rock ring. For example, once a celestial body as big as the moon enters the earth’s 11850 km radius, it will disintegrate and form a ring around the earth. < / P > < p > whether the earth will have only one ring or multiple rings depends on whether the earth has so-called “shepherd satellites”, that is, small satellites distributed among the rings. They can “draw a clear line” between the rings and confine the particles in a certain ring, just like a shepherd dog watching sheep and preventing them from straying. There are many shepherd moons in Saturn’s rings, such as Prometheus. If there are shepherd satellites in the earth’s ring, they may look like shining pearls dotted around the ring. < p > < p > Schaff pointed out that if the earth still had such a large satellite as it is now, it would be unlikely to have a permanent ring, because the tidal effect of the moon’s gravity on the earth might have an impact on the ring and cause it to fall apart. < / P > < p > depending on time, season, and latitude, the earth’s shadow may cast on the ring, looking oval, “and moving over time.” (just as your shadows are longer than your actual height, the earth’s shadow looks oval, not round.) < / P > < p > at the equinox, the sun and the ring are in the same plane. At this time, from the middle latitude of the earth, the area of the earth’s shadow on the ring will reach the maximum, covering most of the rings in darkness. On the equator, the rings seem to divide the sun in two, and the whole world looks half bright and half dark. < / P > < p > in turn, rings cast shadows on the earth. In the summer of the northern hemisphere and the winter of the southern hemisphere, the shadow of the ring falls on the southern hemisphere, and vice versa. This means that winter in both hemispheres will become colder and harder than it is now. But at the same time, the light reflected by the rings could increase the total amount of light received by the earth, “making climate change more unpredictable.” < / P > < p > since this giant “landmark of the universe” will never change its position in the sky, these rings will surely play an important role in fairy tales. In mid latitudes, because the ring is shaped like an arch, it may be imagined as a bridge between heaven and earth. < / P > < p > because the shape of rings varies with latitude, people may interpret them differently. Since wars on earth often stem from differences in religious doctrines, how would the ancients react when they began to travel around the world and discover that the shape of the rings would change constantly? < / P > < p > these rings are also likely to lure people around. Because the ring is shaped like an arch, one might want to see where the “arch” lands, just as someone would like to see what is at the end of a rainbow. Schaff also pointed out that at the edge of the earth’s shadow falling on the ring, special colors such as bleeding red may appear. “People will certainly invent all kinds of myths about this.” < / P > < p > in addition, at certain latitudes and seasons, the sun’s trajectory may pass behind the ring. The particles that make up the rings may scatter the sun and make it look foggy. “The fact that the sun passes through the back of the ring may be endowed with religious significance by a certain civilization, which is interesting to imagine.” Schaff said. For example, for thousands of years, once sailors started sailing on the sea and could not see the land, it was difficult to accurately determine the latitude and longitude of their position. They will try to use astronomy to determine latitude, such as observing the height of the sun during the day, the height of Polaris or the southern cross at night, and so on. But it is much more difficult to calculate the longitude exactly. If the earth has a ring, it may help navigators estimate longitude in many ways. For example, a shepherd satellite orbits the earth in a regular orbit, just like the hands on a clock. There are some mysterious “spokes” in the rings of Saturn, which may be related to the magnetic field of Saturn. If there were such spokes in the earth’s rings, they would serve as time markers on the dial. The movement of the earth’s shadow over the rings can also be used to time the clock. “With these rings, you have a precise timing system.” Schaff pointed out. < / P > < p > in theory, satellites and spacecraft may operate below the ring, depending on the location of the ring. For example, the international space station is 400 kilometers above the earth’s surface, perhaps below the ring. The geostationary satellite’s altitude is 35786 kilometers above the earth’s surface, which may far exceed the height of the ring. However, these rings may disperse radio signals from satellites and spacecraft above the equator, limiting their role. < / P > < p > in addition, these rings may interfere with astronomy and block the view of people who observe the night sky from the ground. This may limit scientists’ understanding of key details of the universe, such as the existence of other galaxies and the expansion of the universe. How likely is it that a rocky planet has rings? Previous studies have found that Phobos may have existed in the form of a ring of Mars. And as Phobos gets closer to Mars, in a few million years, it may be torn apart and turned into a ring again. < / P > < p > the earth may also have rings. Our earth was born about 4.5 billion years ago, and previous studies have shown that the moon was formed shortly after that. One of the most popular explanations for the origin of the moon is that the moon is the product of the collision of two protoplanets. One of them was the birth of the earth, and the other was a rock the size of Mars called Theia. The debris from the impact may have formed a ring around the earth, but eventually merged into part of the moon. < / P > < p > that is to say, although “the earth has a ring” sounds like a fantastic fantasy, in the distant past, at least for a period of time, this fantasy may have been realized for a short time. 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