Earlier, a law firm filed a class action lawsuit against Sony for concealing the drift defect of the dual sense handle, which is standard for the ps5 era mainframe. In order to find out the cause of the failure, ifixit, a well-known disassembly organization, specially analyzed the dualsense handle and gave a reasonable explanation in a report recently published.


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Ifixit reports that the dualsense lever elements wear over time.

In recent months, some early players who have successfully started the Sony ps5 era console have been embarrassed to find that their dualsense handle is experiencing the same rocker drift problem as many Nintendo switch players (similar to joy con handle).

Ifixit found several possible reasons through disassembly, and highlighted the similarities between the design concepts of Sony dualsense and Microsoft Xbox one / Nintendo switch handle.

One of the possible causes may be due to the failure of the internal potentiometer of the dualsense rocker. This element is used to measure the position of the rocker, but it will gradually wear out over time.

Secondly, the spring and plastic structure that pull the rocker back to the neutral position may also cause the handle to drift in the case of gathering “dust, moisture and other foreign matters”.

Ifixit points out that dualsense’s rocker module is similar to dualshock 4 in the PS4 era, Microsoft Xbox one / and Nintendo switch platforms.

Although the three factories are all trying to boast the uniqueness of their handle design, the hardware structure under the rocker is relatively simple. As a result, there is a high degree of commonality in both technical concepts and component adoption.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer has only conducted a limited period of evaluation on the durability of the dualsense rocker, and we all know that if you play for a few hours a day on average, the rocker is likely to wear out and have problems in just a few months.

Finally, as of press time, Sony did not immediately respond to requests for comment from foreign media.

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