On September 14, ign released a trial video of “frontier” on its official website and pipeline account, which is a domestic zero gravity space shooting FPS game. At present, this 6-minute trial video has been ranked No.1 in ign’s popularity list. The video shows four game modes, including team competition mode, facility capture mode, track clearing mode and fast conflict mode, as well as six characters with different appearance and performance, such as vodka and shield guard. A series of wonderful game contents make many foreign game fans enjoy the game Participate in the discussion. < / P > < p > multi player online shooting, zero gravity and 360 degree unlimited movement are the attractive settings of border. The weapons, equipment and maps in the game are based on modern industrial technology, and follow the physical knowledge of human space exploration. < / P > < p > try to imagine that in the space environment of frontier, you no longer need to walk on the ground, but float in the space, and you can even move freely in 360 degrees. Whether you move forward or backward or up and down is no longer so clear-cut. It only depends on your forward direction. Of course, to be sure, this space is full of dangers, bullets can penetrate any corner, and you may be killed if you are not careful. < / P > < p > the battlefield of the game is set in low earth orbit, and the design of game characters and weapons are derived from modern science and technology and industrial design. The game’s moving mode is no longer bound by gravity, and is no longer constrained by the plane. Players will use EMU to propel backpacks between maps freely. 360 degree unlimited movement allows players to use tactics that are not possible in the original FPS game, such as vertical movement to avoid enemy fire, and ambush opponents from any direction and angle. In the new space battlefield, it is impossible to find the enemy’s position through the experience of listening to and identifying the position of the previous FPS games. Players can only rely on visual cues such as the trajectory of bullets to identify when they are attacked. You may even hear the cry of teammates in the radio headset: “be careful of your feet!” < / P > < p > of course, there are also some attractive places in border Many, such as team multiplayer mode, custom equipment system and multi role matching mentioned in the video. For example, the team death match mode – this is a 5v5 team competition. In this mode, players have to eliminate the enemy to get points. Each game lasts about 8 minutes, and the team with high score wins; For example, skirmish Assault Mode – this is 3v3 fast-paced competition, in which weapons will be randomly equipped when reborn. The team that wins the first six games wins, and each round lasts about 12-20 minutes. Multiple game modes allow you to show your shooting talent in different styles of fighting. < / P > < p > and players can play different armed space operators in the game. At present, the game has six roles to choose from, each of which has its own different occupation to choose from. Different professions are good at different combat styles. For example, assalter is an all-round character in the game. He has excellent armor. Pressing the X key can improve the combat effectiveness in a short time. Marksman is a long-range shooter. He can use a high-power precision rifle and aim at the target more accurately. His special skill is to reduce the recoil during shooting in a short time. Recon Scout is one of the most special roles. He is an information gathering assistant role. He can deploy special detectors to identify enemy radar signals and use these signals to launch tracking missiles at opponents. In addition, no matter which role you choose, players can match their own weapons from the custom equipment system and create their own fighting style. In addition to carrying conventional weapons, there are also large offensive weapons such as grenade launchers and automatic cannons, EMP hand grenades that can disable the opponent’s electronic equipment, and smoke bombs and other tactical equipment. FPS usually has assault rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles and so on. All weapons can be customized and adjusted to make you operate perfectly in zero gravity environment. Players can even customize a single bullet in the magazine, such as combining armor piercing ammunition with explosive and high impact ammunition, so that they can have a fierce battle in space under their most comfortable configuration! < / P > < p > the space battlefield in frontier combines the narrow space based on space station and man-made space station, forming an open space combat scene. The wide environment is complex The layout and complex branch corridors in the map constitute a twisted and dangerous maze. Players can fight in the wreckage of a spaceship. When players fight with the enemy, various debris will fly between the free floating bunkers. These features will make border stand out in other space combat games. < / P > < p > after watching the 6-minute trial video, the real restored astronaut uniform and space orbital station structure, as well as a variety of combat modes in space, have left a deep impression on people. The fantasy of space war is about to come true. And foreign game enthusiasts also left a lot of praise for the game. When border is launched, we can look forward to the rise of domestic FPS games. Spontaneous combustion at a Guangzhou Motor vehicle intersection and other traffic lights in Shenzhen