Homekit, Apple’s smart home ecosystem, is in a tepid state at home, but abroad, it is still cooperating with more third-party products. Recently, IKEA began to manufacture and sell controllers that support quick instructions, priced at $9.99. Although Apple’s own mobile phones, computers and other hardware are good, but in the field of smart home, if you want to enrich, you need more third-party partners, you need more manufacturers to cooperate. < / P > < p > IKEA is obviously an important force in the homekit ecosystem. At present, they have launched scene support in the latest home smart software update, which is used to control multiple smart home products with one click, such as setting “get up”, opening curtains, turning on lights and so on. < / P > < p > users of IKEA’s tradfri gateway running the new 1.12.31 firmware can now configure scenarios to control multiple smart home products at once, such as IKEA smart lights, SONOS’s symfonisk speakers, or fyrtur blinds. < / P > < p > after the update, the domestic scene will appear in the dedicated area on the top of IKEA smart application. One scenario suggested by the app is “all off”, which can turn off all lights at home with one click. < / P > < p > and IKEA’s hardware “shortcut” will also support “Scene”. For example, put a button at the door to turn off the electrical appliances before going out. It was first demonstrated a year ago, and now it’s finally going to be released. IKEA’s current listing price in Lithuanian stores is 9.99 euros, but there is no available stock. < / P > < p > like many manufacturers of smart home devices, IKEA has some inks on its homekit products – often promised before they came out, but actually sold for a long time. This is true of trafdi smart plugs and smart shutters. They first announced at the end of 2018 that the commitment time in the United States is February 2019, then April, then August, then “the end of 2019”, and finally released in October last year But without homekit support, some “technical problems” finally occurred in January this year. Global Tech