“Wang Han’s live broadcast overturned”, “Li Xueqin’s live broadcast was exposed” and “Simba was questioned about selling fake bird’s nest with goods” Recently, the contradiction between the live broadcast with goods anchor and the merchants has become more prominent: on the one hand, the sales volume of live broadcast with goods is constantly reaching a new high, and the anchor buys luxury cars and luxury houses; on the other hand, businesses are constantly complaining and being cheated, and the drama of 99% refund rate continues to be staged. < / P > < p > after “618”, we have to prepare “double 11”, which shows the importance of “double 11” to businesses. However, some enterprises put all their eggs in one basket and happily prepared for live broadcasting with goods, but they embarked on the road of safeguarding their rights dejectedly. Recently, a merchant sent a circle of friends to say that on November 6, the company’s shop participated in the special live broadcast of Wang Han, an artist of Galaxy stars live broadcasting organization, with an opening fee of 100000 yuan. 1323 sets were sold on the same day, and 1012 sets were refunded, with a refund rate of 76.4%. In the process of live broadcast, due to a large number of refund orders swiping, the platform side was also warned of false transactions. < p > < p > it’s not only the host Wang Han who “capsizes” the live broadcast with goods, but also Simba, the expert with the goods. Recently, the bird’s nest with the goods is suspected to be fake, which looks like water. However, this year’s popular talk show actor Li Xueqin was exposed that the “double 11” broadcast on a certain platform had 3.11 million viewers, and the real data was less than 110000. For example, some media pointed out that the cumulative sales of Dong Mingzhu’s five live broadcasting sessions had exceeded 17.8 billion yuan, according to the media on June 19. However, in fact, on the day of “618”, Dong Mingzhu only carried goods for four hours. Of the 17.8 billion yuan, 10.27 billion yuan was the sales volume of Gree’s “618” day for 24 hours, not Dong Mingzhu’s sales volume for 4 hours. < p > < p > for the disputes caused by the live delivery of goods during the “double 11” period, Simba chose to recuperate; Li Xueqin participated in one activity after another, and the latest one was Didi’s; Wang Han did not respond positively, and his program “on stage! Dunhuang will be broadcast. It’s as if nothing happened. However, the signing party of Wang Han, Galaxy stars, has responded. Galaxy stars said, “this is a fake”, the company does not have any fictitious data or purchase traffic behavior, just to help the e-commerce platform account to do a live execution, there is no need to brush the bill. Is it really unnecessary? In the view of some industry insiders, if a celebrity live with goods when few people watch, the input-output is seriously out of proportion, I believe that no one will throw money to find him (her) next time. < / P > < p > according to the reporter of chinanews.com, there is a pit fee for celebrities to bring goods, ranging from tens of thousands of yuan to hundreds of thousands of yuan. According to the data disclosed by the media reports, Wang Han’s above-mentioned live broadcasting business paid 100000 yuan of pit space fee (broadcasting fee). < p > < p > some insiders have pointed out that some MCN organizations or anchors will deliberately create sales volume and create a feeling of “being able to bring goods”. Then, they will ask for pit fees, and some even specialize in “killing young children”. “In recent years, MCN institutions have been in a state of pathological development.” < / P > < p > “it’s a sure win business.” For example, the pit fee is 100000 yuan. If there are 10 brands on the spot, the total pit fee will be 1 million yuan regardless of the product sales. At the same time, the cost of brushing is extremely low, and the anchor or MCN organization can achieve “drought and flood guaranteed income”. < p > < p > according to a survey conducted by zhongxin.com, it is possible to brush 100 pieces of “machine powder” viewing data on a live broadcasting platform for as long as 2 hours at a cost of 70 yuan; in another live broadcast platform, 10000 machine powder viewing data can be bought for 120 yuan. < / P > < p > there are also cheaper ones. According to a brush volume supplier contacted by the China News Network reporter, 10 yuan can buy 20000 playback volume + 88 people like it; 1580 people like it + 150000 broadcast volume + 180 forwarding + 68 live comments can be obtained at 158 yuan. All price packages are available. < / P > < p > according to media exposure, in the above live broadcast of Li Xueqin, most of the comments made by “fans” in the comment area and Li Xueqin’s cordial interaction were painted by machines. < / P > < p > it’s not difficult to find that in order to reap the dividend of live broadcast with goods, some anchors and MCN organizations do everything they can. But what’s the problem? Are businessmen so stupid and willing to be slaughtered? Chen Yuan (pseudonym), the person in charge of live delivery of a jewelry chain brand merchant, told zhongxin.com that during the epidemic period, the offline stores of their brands were greatly affected, and the company nearly closed 20% of its stores. There was no other way out but to impact online. < / P > < p > “why live delivery? Because the first half of this year, including Taobao live broadcast, gave a lot of free traffic. And if you open an online store, on Taobao, the flow is very expensive, according to the development model of ordinary advertising, you can’t afford to play at all. Free traffic is an opportunity. ” However, with the development of live delivery, the traffic strategy of the platform is also changing. “Taobao tiktok is concentrated on the head, and the more it is to support the anchor or even live broadcast, the head anchor is not allowed to hold traffic.” Chen Yuan said. < / P > < p > that’s why some online celebrities “occasionally buy Ga” in the last live broadcast, and then “Ga” in the next one. This is related to the influence of different strategies of live broadcast platform. < / P > < p > “the company has this budget. Originally, the annual rent of an offline physical store ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan. After closing the store, this money is saved.” Chen Yuan said that the company is still in the experimental stage anyway, or it is a kind of “people following the crowd” mentality. It’s hard to control your eyes when other people look up to the sky when you pass the street. Can the false prosperity supported by the brush bill last for a long time? The answer is clearly no. The reporter noted that at present, some businesses have asked MCN institutions or anchors to cooperate in the draw mode, that is, by selling how much goods to draw. A report jointly issued by KPMG and Ali research institute points out that due to the popularity of live broadcasting format and the relatively low access threshold, there have been repeated negative news such as false propaganda by the anchor and falsification of live data in recent years, which virtually consumes the trust of consumers. < / P > < p > “however, the overall development of the live broadcasting industry with goods is good”. According to the above report, in 2020, the overall scale of live broadcasting e-commerce will reach 1.05 trillion yuan, with a penetration rate of 8.6%; in 2021, the scale will be close to 2 trillion yuan, and the penetration rate will reach 14.3%. < / P > < p > the live delivery industry has been exploring other revenue models. Zhang Chaoyang, chairman and CEO of Sohu’s board of directors and CEO, recently said, “we have transformed live broadcasting with goods into a form of live variety show for new marketing activities, which attracted the attention of advertisers, so that our brand advertising achieved an 8% growth in the third quarter.” On November 13, the national Internet Information Office (NaIO) solicited public opinions on the provisions on the management of internet live marketing information content service (Draft), which is intended to stipulate that operators of live broadcasting rooms and marketing personnel shall not publish false information, deceive or mislead users, and shall not fabricate or tamper with the attention, browsing volume and praise volume , transaction volume and other data flow fraud. The iPhone 12 keynote has been recorded in Apple park