In today’s updated support document, apple explained how to use MagSafe dual charger with iPhone 12 and apple watch. Moreover, in the English version of the document, Apple’s older 29w usb-c power adapter is not compatible with MagSafe dual charger. This may be because the adapter does not support the necessary 5V / 3A or 9V / 1.67a rating. If MagSafe Duo is connected to a 29w adapter, it can only charge the iPhone or apple watch, not both devices at the same time. < p > < p > 29w power adapter has been discontinued in 2018. Currently, the 30W version compatible with MagSafe is on sale on Apple’s official website. In addition, the instructions read: “as with most soft materials, the appearance of accessories may show normal wear and tear over time. If the MagSafe dual charger remains folded, its shaft area may wrinkle over time. If the folded MagSafe dual charger is placed in a high temperature environment (e.g. in a car in hot weather), it may cause more visible and deeper wrinkles in this area. This will not affect the functional performance of the accessories. ” Global Tech