Astro gaming recently announced the second generation A20 eSports headset. As a successor to the first A20, launched in 2017, the new headset retails for $119, cheaper than the original $149. Although it’s cheaper, Astro says wireless coverage has increased from the original 30 feet to 50 feet and offers a more convenient usb-c port. < / P > < p > the second generation A20 headset offers two color combinations, one is a blue, white and black combination similar to Playstation style, and the other is a green, white and black design similar to Xbox. The second generation A20 headset provides a USB type-A wireless adapter, which makes it easier to connect to the corresponding game console or PC. < / P > < p > each headset can be used out of the box with other hosts, but users need to buy an additional USB type-A wireless adapter for $20. As for why it’s not possible to integrate the compatibility of the two game consoles into one adapter, Astro says it’s due to firmware issues, and that each system should handle game and chat audio differently. Global Tech