Developed in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University, astrobot recently announced that it has delivered cuberover to NASA. This marks the completion of the second phase of the SBIR contract with NASA to develop a portable Rover that can travel with various lunar landers. < / P > < p > in October last year, astrobot won a $2 million contract from NASA to complete the work of cuberover and bring the rover to market. Astrobot said that cuberover will follow the Peregrine lunar lander to the moon next year as part of next year’s flagship mission. < / P > < p > cuberover is described as an ultra light Rover designed for space missions; it is only the size of a shoe box and can be used for a variety of purposes, including as a small patrol convoy to scout locations, as well as a small vehicle for carrying the same small payload. Astrobot explained that the mobile station’s small size and light weight would make it cheaper for commercial customers to enter the lunar surface. The report shows that the number of app store purchases soared in the first half of this year due to the impact of covid-19