This year, Google launched a series of features for the messages app, including smart reply, native image editor, and direct response to message content using eomji. Among them, Emoji reply function can make RCS (rich communication service) have the function similar to other IP information services and even IMessage. Now, Google has provided this function for the web side of messages. < / P > < p > as in app, the user can move the mouse over the message and select Emoji from the Emoji button on the right side of the message. At present, there are seven different Emoji on the web, including thumb up and down, angry face, smiling and crying face, crying face and open mouth face. Users can not only respond to other people’s messages, but also respond to their own messages in personal chat and group chat. The function also allows the user to override the selected reaction with a new reaction by simply selecting a new reaction. < / P > < p > this feature is a good complement for users who use web clients for messaging. Google has been pushing for RCS for some time, and recently even announced that the next generation messaging framework is now available on Android worldwide. By adding these features, the search giant aims to further bridge the gap between the native messaging capabilities of third-party products and operating systems. Global Tech