Google’s “shut-down” is back in action, this time with a trusted contacts service that went online four years ago. The service was launched in 2016, allowing parents, family members or children to find you in an emergency, and your contact with your family will not be interrupted no matter what happens. However, with the integration of similar functions into Google maps, Google has now announced that it will no longer support the “security contact” service after December 1. < / P > < p > Google’s “trusted contacts” works very simply. By adding my trusted family and friends to the list, they can ask for my location at any time. If everything is OK, I can refuse their request. But if I don’t respond for more than five minutes, my location is automatically sent to them. Simple and clear, but also has some additional functions, let me tell you one by one. < / P > < p > wrote on the product page: “after December 1, 2020, the system will no longer support the” security contact “service. If you already have the app installed on your device, you can continue to use it before this date. To share your location information with others, try the location information sharing feature in Google maps. Set location information sharing function “. < / P > < p > since today, the app has been launched from App store and play store. Users who have already installed the app on their mobile phones will still be able to use it until December 1, after which the app will be out of service. Global Tech

By ibmwl