Earlier this year, Google’s two factor (2fa) certified app for Android was significantly updated to make it more modern. Now Google authenticator, which is suitable for IOS, also has new features including dark themes and account transfer. In today’s release of 3.1, the user interface has been significantly tweaked, with a white background, the blue top bar removed, and the elements centered. This unified color can easily achieve a dark theme. < / P > < p > the application can provide two factor validation when logging in to the website. However, Google authenticator for IOS was last updated in 2018. Compared with other alternative solutions, it provides very limited functionality and lacks some additional features. < / P > < p > like Android, this IOS version introduces the “transfer accounts” function. Users can import or export 2fa codes by scanning QR codes. It greatly simplifies the process of setting up the device when transferring the device. Users only need to install the authenticator on the new mobile phone and scan the barcode. This feature will be particularly convenient until the iPhone 12 is released. < / P > < p > in terms of security, this new feature is done from device to device, and “no data is sent to Google’s servers during transmission.” Google makes the process clear through various prompts, notifications and validation steps. Global Tech