。 Through this web tool, anyone can use Diablo to generate various terrible nightmares in an interface similar to Microsoft’s drawing application. It sounds like a chicken bone, but chimera painter does need to exist. The team has been looking for ways to speed up the creation of game art, which is often dreamy and creative. With the aid of artificial intelligence, it may be helpful for artists looking for inspiration. < / P > < p > in pursuit of this esoteric goal, the team naturally decided to create a complete fantasy digital card game in which players put animals together and fight them. The team’s idea is that if there are 100 kinds of animals in the game, then all parts of each animal can be integrated with each other, and then it will soon be able to achieve a combination scale far larger than any artist can paint. < / P > < p > in order to create artificial intelligence that can create any creature, the team first provided the system with thousands of CG biological images and corresponding images that marked their parts (claws, legs, front legs, eyes, etc.), and trained existing animals and many parts of them. < / P > < p > after training, AI can learn the “real” biological appearance and combine these parts to paint on fur, skin and other features to generate nightmares that are close to human aesthetics. The use of generative countermeasure networks (GAN) in training means that there is synergy between the two: one generates images, the other criticizes images, and the first takes feedback and generates them again, and so on. Global Tech