Recently, many Android users in the United States have reported SMS SMS problems, which is due to the compatibility of SMS messages and Google’s carrier services application. In the past week, both the Yijia forum and the carrier services app’s play mall review page reported that SMS problems occurred after the app was installed, which could be fixed after the app was uninstalled. < / P > < p > carrier services released the 50 version update on December 2. After the update, users reported that SMS messages could not be sent or received, but this problem can be completely solved after the application is uninstalled. Dylan Roussel, editor of 9to5 Google, also found this problem on the one plus device in use, and completely solved the problem when unloading the application. Obviously, RCS messages sent via Google message are not directly affected by this problem. < / P > < p > we acknowledge that there is a problem and we started releasing patches yesterday. If users disable automatic updates, we recommend upgrading to the latest version of carrier services through the play store to fix this problem. Global Tech