Earlier this month, the Google phone app extended verified calls for non pixel devices. Now, Google is developing some new features for the dial-up app to further improve its usability. The first feature in the test is “caller ID,” which, as the name suggests, allows the app to read the caller’s name or number directly. < / P > < p > another feature under development is the option to automatically delete call screen records and recordings after 30 days. The call screen feature is currently only available in the United States and Canada. For users who rely heavily on call screen, the option to automatically delete their transcripts every 30 days will be a convenient supplement. < / P > < p > finally, the application will get a new “saved voice mail” shortcut in the voice mail tab, giving users quick access to their saved voice mail. These features are still being tested by Google, but they should be in the mobile app in the next few weeks, probably when pixel 5 comes on the market. Skip to content