It has been several months since Google officially launched Android 11, but there are not many mobile phone upgrades. As a “Pro son”, Google’s pixel series mobile phones can be upgraded to the new version at the first time, but it also means that they encounter bugs earlier than other mobile phones. Fortunately, Google took action quickly, with a targeted fix in its latest pixel security update in November. < / P > < p > bugs are not uncommon in system software. Even large companies such as Google, Microsoft and Apple will also have various bugs. Currently, the severity of bugs found on Android 11 is different, and one of the most noteworthy bugs is the “do not disturb” function on the pixel phone. < / P > < p > according to the report, the do not disturb feature does not accept calls from star point contacts, resulting in an accident in which an elderly mother was unable to contact her child. Fortunately, this month’s security and bug fix updates address the problem with pixel 3 and later phones. Of course, this is not the only mistake worth mentioning. It also fixed an error on pixel 5 and pixel 4A 5g devices, enabling Android auto mode to completely block incoming calls. For those who also experience touch sound problems on both phones, the issue is said to have been fixed in this update. Chinese version of K-car: reading a10e design drawing exposure