Maybe some people are still cleaning up the dinner plates after Thanksgiving or even Halloween; maybe some people are already preparing for the coming Christmas. After officially entering December, Google doodle launched a new doodle called “December holidays (day 1)”. In the graffiti, a yellow bird flies over “Google” with a neon light, then stays on the letter “g”, looks around and lights up colored neon lights passing through Google. Google hopes to spend 2020 in peace and harmony through the warm colored lights. < / P > < p > in the west, every December is a variety of festivals. In addition to the Christmas we are very familiar with, there are also Hanukkah, Saint Nicholas, Kwanzaa and boxing day. Basically, Google makes “December holidays (day 1)” graffiti every year. Interested users can go to the official website of Google graffiti to check it. Privacy Policy