NGC 2442 / 2443 are two parts of an intermediate spiral galaxy, located about 60 million light-years away in the southern part of the constellation Volans. Known as the meatook galaxy, they were discovered by the British astronomer John Herschel on December 23, 1834. Recently, the Hubble Space Telescope has taken close-up photos of galaxies. NGC 2442 / 2443, also known as Leda 21373, ESO 59-8 and IRAS 07365-6924, has a diameter of 75000 light years. From the image, the galaxy is very asymmetrical and looks like a huge hook. It’s this unique shape that has given it the nickname of the flesh hook galaxy, which is also the site of the latest supernova explosion, which is of particular interest to scientists. < p > < p > NASA explained in an article: “this galaxy is the host of a supernova explosion discovered in March 2015, known as Sn 2015f, which was created by a white dwarf star. A white dwarf is part of a binary system that absorbs mass from its companion, and eventually becomes greedy and takes on more than it can afford. This caused the star to lose balance and triggered runaway nuclear fusion, which eventually led to a violent supernova explosion. The supernova was so brilliant for a long time that it could be easily seen from Earth through small telescopes until it was discovered a few months later Didi Qingju bicycle has entered 150 cities