Inspired by the European scale, a fish scale array has been developed to reduce the drag by 25%. Scientists will ask the animal community for help to improve the aerodynamic performance of the aircraft. In the past, scientists have studied the complex movement of locust wings to stimulate more efficient aircraft, and in 2018, new research based on shark skin was carried out. < / P > < p > recently, a team from the University of London and the University of Stuttgart took inspiration from the way fish scales help fish move smoothly through the water, relying on highly evolved arrays of tiny scales to minimize resistance to swimming. The scientific team discovered the mystery by studying the surface of European bass and carp. < / P > < p > the team’s work was carried out using a digital microscope, and then computer modeling was used to reconstruct complex patterns geometrically. Scientists have found that overlapping areas on the surface of fish cause the fluid to zigzag as it flows at the top. These overlapped regions produce “stray currents” that counteract the Tollmien Schlichting waves (which cause unstable oscillations in turbulence). More than 25% of the friction produced by zigzag skin movement is reported by scientists. Global Tech