The well-known digital channel everythingapplepro has just launched a tweet. In addition to a simple five second start, it also has the text “this is it! Official iPhone 12 metal case leaking. It is confirmed that the new lidar camera design, hard edge design, and 5g antenna with magnetic suction interface and intelligent interface are adopted? It seems to confirm that the 6.1-inch Pro model will also get lidar. I can’t wait for October to come. ” < / P > < p > in the moving picture shown, the metal shell design of the iPhone 12 Pro is shown. The back of the body is white glass, and the middle is made of stainless steel. From the inside of the shell, an oval area can be seen, which should be a wireless charging cover. The Yuba module on the back of the fuselage has five openings, including three cameras, one flash and lidar. Apple’s most advanced & quot; iPhone 12 Pro Max & quot; is expected to have a rear lidar system that has been borrowed from the fourth generation iPad pro. < / P > < p > although this enclosure design has been discussed in previous reports and leaks, today’s upper manual diagram also shows a small rectangular connector on the right side of the device, below the power button. The specific purpose of the interface is unclear. However, according to foreign media, it is similar in appearance to the iPad pro’s magnetic Apple pencil charging port, so the window may be designed for new accessories, such as a more compact wireless charging box. Global Tech