Although the iPhone 12 series has yet to be officially launched, caviar, a Russian luxury goods company, can’t wait to launch a new model. Following the launch of the “Musk be on Mars” theme concept customized model in mid August, the company launched the limited edition of the “Space Odyssey” iPhone 12 Pro today. < / P > < p > each of the three customized iPhone 12 Pro models uses five pieces of moonialusta meteorite (the oldest known meteorite on earth, found in Sweden). The first model is equipped with mercury meteorite particles; the second model is equipped with Martian particles; and the third is real moon debris. < / P > < p > fragments of these objects were purchased from a company specializing in the collection and sale of space artifacts and objects. Each caviar accessory has its own certificate of authenticity, confirming that there is a piece of celestial body in the body of the mobile phone. < / P > < p > the exclusive design of iPhone 12 pro (max) is made of titanium, embossed with images of celestial orbits, and decorated with inlays of composite stone, polished titanium and bronze, presenting the surface of the planet under the stars. The tiny asteroids in orbit are made up of fragments of the muonionalusta meteorite. In the lower part of the body, the surface of the planet is inlaid with fragments of the moon, Mars or mercury and protected by a coating of paint. Global Tech