Your phone is a supporting application launched by Microsoft in 2018, which can help users connect and manage Android phones efficiently on PC. Currently available functions include managing photos, calling, etc. Microsoft is testing new features in your phone app, including deleting photos, managing your mobile app, supporting multiple devices, and more. < / P > < p > upcoming updates allow users to delete photos stored in the phone directly on the computer. That’s good news for those who want to empty their phone’s storage so you have more space for apps, games and photos. < / P > < p > according to the illustrations in your phone app update, the app may allow users to manage apps installed on Android devices directly on the computer side. In addition, Microsoft seems to be developing a built-in app launcher for your phone. < / P > < p > Microsoft is also testing a new option in the information interface of your phone app, which ultimately allows users to initiate calls directly from the message UI. The < / P > < p > your phone app now supports multiple devices for windows insider project members. This feature is being gradually introduced to testers, and is currently limited to Android phones running Android 7 or later.