Microsoft, along with many important developers, is trying to port java to arm based MAC and windows devices, including the upcoming MAC device with apple silicon. According to InfoQ, many companies, including Microsoft and Azul, hope to complete the porting of openjdk by 2021 (when arm MAC is released). < / P > < p > JVM performance expert Monica Beckwith calls herself “Java champion”. She is an experienced Java performance engineer who is good at arm architecture. She has handled similar projects in Oracle and sun before. Gil tene, Azul’s chief technology officer, detailed the strategy in a statement, saying the two companies were moving quickly to avoid the “embarrassment” of having no Java support for arm MAC after it went public. “Azul is building an aarch64 port for MacOS, has drafted a JEP for this work, will do it in an open environment as much as possible (subject to Apple’s early access rules for Developer Suite) and will contribute complete work upstream, such as being included in openjdk 16 / 17,” tene said. Once we get this upstream work in place, we also plan to build a derivative of openjdk 11 / 8 and ensure that developers and users have a free binary openjdk distribution that can run on ARM Macs. ” < / P > < p > as noted in the report, the migration of the Java runtime environment (JRE) will enable developers to take advantage of the specification without recoding or modifying the application. The contributions of Microsoft, Azul and their partners should ensure a relatively secure deployment after the apple silicon MAC is released. Global Tech